Listary 6 Beta 🎉

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This version will overwrite your existing Listary 5 installation. If you want to revert back to Listary 5, simply uninstall the beta, and install Listary 5. All your settings will be kept.

If the UI can’t display correctly, it’s likely that you’ve changed DPI setting for Listary 5 before. Clear all settings.

Listary 6 Beta 1

This is the first beta of Listary 6. It’s completely rewritten from scratch and takes much longer than expected, but it’s well worth the wait.

Some of the major new features:

New user interface

Elegant and effective, beauty in every pixel and color.

Search and sorting algorithm

Listary is much smarter now. It learns your habits. There is no need to distinguish between apps and folders/files, just type what you need.

Fuzzy matching is also enabled automatically for your frequently used folders and files.


Still under construction, you’ll be able to create and share your own extensions soon.

Beta is packed with a Calculator extension. You can type math expression directly to get the result.

Web search with live suggestions

Try g for Google or wiki for Wikipedia. Listary will show search suggestions from that site.

File search engine

One of the fastest desktop file search engines becomes even faster, with 30% search speed and 200% index rebuilding speed improvements.

It’s also more customizable. You can config your own folder and file name (using regex) sorting rules.


Options UI

Reorganized. Should make your life a little easier.

Other notable changes


  • Full HiDPI support.
  • Execute a search result using Ctrl + Num hotkey.
  • Show Quick Switch folder after opening a file dialog.
  • Disable double Ctrl automatically for full-screen games and apps.
  • Customize folder priorities.
  • Customize file name priorities using regex.
  • Auto update Listary with one button click.
  • Configure settings folder location.
  • touch command to create a file.
  • Multiple folder support in search filters.
  • Extra query support in search filters.
  • Removable device support (automatic adding and ejecting).
  • : of a search filter can be omitted when used at the beginning of the search query.
  • A new logo. Hope you’ll like it.
  • Invalid search results are removed automatically.


  • Since this version is built from scratch, most known issues are gone. And of course, we’ll bring some new… :sweat_smile:


  • Full extension support.
  • Extension API documentation.
  • Custom index location (shared network drives) support.
  • 3rd-party file manager support.
  • Theme support.
  • Options UI.
  • Localization.
  • Still missing some commands and actions.

Change log

  • Performance improvements and bug fixes.

  • New: Global hotkey support for commands.
  • New: Use a hotkey to directly trigger an action for selected file in file manager.
  • New: Open URL directly.
  • New: Open search filter folder directly.
  • New: UI Localization.
  • New: Use Page Up/Down to scroll result list.
  • New: Show extra entries of context menu in Actions.
  • New: Support {query} in custom command title.
  • New: Type a leading space to search only files and folders.
  • New: History section in popup menu.
  • Improved: Search bar UI layout.
  • Improved: Currently Opened Folders display.
  • Improved: Code sign files.
  • Fixed: Indexing delay.
  • Fixed: File search sorting.
  • Fixed: Crash when entering Actions on 32-bit Windows.
  • Fixed: Default file name overwritten when selecting a list entry on a file dialog.

  • New: Customize website icons.
  • New: Keyword auto-completion support for commands and websites.
  • New: Add integration settings for desktop and folder dialogs.
  • New: Support applications running as admin.
  • New: XYplorer support.
  • New: Bandizip support.
  • New: FreeCommander support.
  • New: AutoCAD support.
  • New: xplorer2 support.
  • New: Add shortcut to About page on tray menu.
  • Improved: Better Directory Opus support.
  • Improved: Better logging.
  • Improved: Support Ctrl + C/X action hotkey.
  • Improved: UI layout.
  • Fixed: First query character is ignored when using an Alt hotkey.
  • Fixed: Can’t search some file names with mixed Chinese and English characters.
  • Fixed: Other bug and crash fixes.

  • New: Add menu access key support.
  • Improvement: Boost performance :rocket::rocket::rocket::rocket::rocket:
  • Improvement: The installer won’t create a new desktop icon when run by the autoupdater.
  • Improvement: Custom folder indexing performance.
  • Improvement: Remove hidden and system files from custom folder index.
  • Fixed: Ignored folders still shown in search results.
  • Fixed: Disk indexing performance issue on some systems.
  • Fixed: Command Prompt and PowerShell working directory.
  • Fixed: Working directory when opening files.
  • Fixed: Disk indexing setting was not saved after removing an NTFS volume.
  • Fixed: Features tabs can’t be selected by clicking near the border.

  • New: Add some default commands like editing hosts, shutting down computer, etc.
  • Improved: Refine launcher UI.
  • Improved: Icon loading performance.
  • Improved: Default Options window size.
  • Improved: Remove hidden and system files from auto-expanding menus.
  • Fixed: Blurry tray icon.
  • Fixed: Search results not reset after deleting the last letter.
  • Fixed: Some menu layout issues.

  • New: Shared network drive/custom folder index support.
  • New: Environment variable support for custom commands.
  • Improved: Calculator now supports different cultures.
  • Improved: More logging options.
  • Fixed: Listary can’t be activated using double Ctrl in some situations.
  • Fixed: Rare crash when saving files.
  • Fixed: Wrong menu width in some rare situations.
  • Fixed: Fix file dialog search result popup alignment issue on specific DPI settings.
  • Fixed: Launcher not centered on second monitor with different per monitor DPI.
  • Fixed: Crash when entering Actions menu for some files.
  • Fixed: Other crashes.

  • New: Use right-click to enter Actions menu.
  • Fixed: Menu can’t be activated in some situations
  • Fixed: Listary can’t be activated on desktop on some systems.
  • Fixed: Search filters not working in Explorer.
  • Fixed: Crash when loading extensions with the same id.
  • Fixed: Crash when loading file associations.
  • Fixed: Crash when search query contains invalid unicode characters.
  • Fixed: Crash when adding removable devices.
  • Fixed: Crash when custom command path is empty.

  • New: Add default keyword opt for Options.
  • New: Choose a custom file manager to open a folder.
  • Improved: Options window layout.
  • Improved: Use current folder as default custom command working directory.
  • Improved: Improve disk search engine stability.
  • Improved: Support more hotkey combinations like Ctrl + Space and Shift + Letter.
  • Improved: Set custom command working directory.
  • Fixed: Can’t activate Listary using double Ctrl on desktop sometimes.
  • Fixed: Can’t select installation type in the installer.
  • Fixed: Crash on 32-bit Windows when using instant-type search.
  • Fixed: Crash when opening Options via command.
  • Fixed: Crash if there are Shift + Letter hotkeys.
  • Fixed: Window border alignment issue when using specific DPI settings.

Looks fine but there is no context menu available in the results.
The right mouse click does nothing.

There is no PopUp menu by left clicking the tray icon.

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Application icons are not shown in the menu settings.

The Options screen does not support the size entry from the system menu.
Its shown to large and I can size it.
I have to hide the task bar to get access to the buttons on the end.

That will be added.

I’m considering to changing that to double-clicking on the taskbar, same as on the desktop.

I’ll consider adding support for it.

What’s your screen resolution? Can you upload a screenshot?

Screen resolution is 2048 x 1152
with a custom scale factor of 175%
I think HDMI scaling is wrong because the Results are displayed much to large
and there are to much space between the result lines.

I’ll look into it. Please upload a screenshot.

Here you can see how the PopUp after CtrlCtrl is shown
And the options Menu screen
And the results from a search

With 175% scale, it seems that you only have 658 logical pixels in height (1152/175%). This could be too small for many applications.

I can try to make some changes for the Options window. Changing the search result window could make it too small for other users without DPI scale, I need to be very cautious about it. You can drag the left border to move it up.

I have a lot of tools installed and none has any screen size problems.
These are tools like Quick Access PopUp and Quick Cliq for example
which are using Windows list controls for there PopUps and all is fine with the display of lists.
Also I run several file managers and Office applications without problems.

Here is the plan.

  1. Lists in Options window will be made smaller. Their sizes will also be limited automatically and will never exceed your screen height.
  2. Menu entries will be made a little smaller.
  3. No changes will be made to the search result window because it will affect other users without DPI scale. You can drag it up to make sure all the results are visible.

Listary 6 really seems promising!

In Listary5 my wsl command opened up a WSL command prompt in the current directory of dopus. Now wsl always seems to open in the Listary directory. Do I need to add something as a parameter?

Is there a tutorial to write extensions in .NET?

In Turkey, we use comma instead of dot as a decimal seperator. so we have a comma on the numpad instead of the dot. operations with dot works fine but when i use comma instead of dot, calculator fails. it would be great if it gets from the system defaults or can be changed from the options.



In Listary 5 one could see that there sub-dirs below an folder menu entry,
it was showing the > in this case.
Now you have to click on the top level menu entry to see if there are more sub-dirs.
Also in the sub-dirs there is alwyays the > shown even if there are no files below.
Only if you go with the cursor over such an entry it removes the > if there are no files below.
In summary I found the version 5 behaviour much better.
Together with the High DPI problems I’m very disappointed from the new version.
The only plus I see is the preview option but this currently can’t be sized.

The Default File Manager option appears to have been missed out.
Also, the options keyword which used to open Listary’s settings is gone.


i can’t seem to get find as you type to work.what am i doing wrong?

Just added support for that. Please right-click tray icon to update.

There will be detailed documentation soon.