Development Updates

Hey mate, I think I speak for the whole Listary community, but do you have any updates on what’s happening with development of the product?

If the stops in updates in the Listary 6 Beta 🎉 topic is anything to go by, development work has stalled. But for the benefit of your loyal supporters, could you confirm if this is the case? and if there are any plans to continue on with it in the future? If not, would you consider releasing it to the open source community to pick up where you left off?

Thanks again for your awesome software thus far, I would have to go back and live in a cave if I didn’t have Listary anymore :anguished:


Unfortunately I guess this is a hopeless request
if we look when the Author last responded in this forum.
Also there are alternatives to Listary which are active and even beat Listary.
The combination of Wox with Everything for example.

I actually downloaded Wox the other week, but I find its search algorithm doesn’t compare to Listary’s. Consider this screenshot below where Listary returns initialisms/acronyms, Wox can’t do this :frowning:

From Channing’s profile, he’s been looking at posts still, but certainly not very often…

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Of course Wox does this

He was last active in April. His last message, translated with Google ,sounds like…


Not for me… (I changed Wox style to look like Listary, cause Listary is God :pray:)

For me, Wox results don’t compare to the quality results I get from Listary. Listary also seems to order its results in order of usefulness. For example, Wox returns results from the C:\Windows directory in front of results from other user folders compared with Listary which sorts those results to the bottom (as they’re useless for the most part).

As Wox supports the full Everything search syntax and functions
there is no benefit using Listary.
I always can add simple words or pathes or fragments of it to get what I want without a lot of unrelated results. Not counting the big amount of data/time or attribute functions and all the rest.
Thats no possible at all with Listary which has almost none of this in its search syntax.