Not indexing network drive?


Listary is a GREAT tool and I cannot begin to describe how much frustration it saves me. However the last couple of months it has failed to index the network drives. I tried the beta to see if there was any difference.

When I try to add the network drive it adds it but states “Last updated: Never”. When I “Rebuild index” or “Update now” it states that it is done successfully, but it keeps saying “Last updated: Never” and I cant search in the folders.

Any ideas for work arounds?

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If you open the mapped network drive in Explorer, and then rebuild the index, does it work?

I tried and unfortunately no change. I had some success by adding a folder in the drive rather then the drive itself, but that jumps between working and not working.

I’m having a similar issue (though I haven’t seen where to see the index’s last rebuild).

I haven’t gotten network locations (a mapped network drive) working at all. All searches only include the local C:\ drive. I also opened the network drive -> clicked both “Update Index Now” and “Force Rebuild Index”: no change. Still only searching local drives.

This is all we’re supposed to do, right? Listary Pro 5.00.2843, Windows 10 Pro x64 1803 (17134.1006).

EDIT: and the indexing really is just a few seconds? It’s about 1.2 TB, with roughly ~350k files. This is on a 1 Gb Ethernet connection to a Synology DS218+.


  1. First, make sure Z:\ is accessible in Explorer and other applications.
  2. 350k files could take longer and it depends on the network condition. Wait for a few minutes and try again.
  3. You could also give Listary 6 a try: Listary 6 Beta 🎉
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  1. It is, but still no go. :frowning:
  2. Ah. I gave it overnight (sleep turned off) and still nothing from network drives.
  3. This did the trick! Beta 6 is working much better w/ UNC paths!

I apologize for hijacking OP’s thread: Listary 6 Beta is working great for me. Likewise, thank you for adding the updated “Open Folder” dialog (with access to the address bar & sidebar) instead of the straight C:/ menu (perhaps from the Windows 95 era).

The old dialog (in Listary 5) forces you to use Windows neglected and most probably deprecated “Network” folder to access network files, instead of UNC paths (i.e., via the address bar & sidebar). The workaround was lengthy:

  1. You must downgrade back to SMB1, an insecure protocol
  2. You must turn on various discovery mechanisms: play with the workgroup name, etc.
  3. Alternatively, you can use “Mapped Network Drives”, which are incredibly buggy on Windows 10 especially during boot

In the end, UNC paths are the best & most reliable connection method. Thank you for the new file prompt.