Listary 6 new launcher mode preview

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  • This version is a preview of the new launcher mode, it’s not the real beta yet. Features and UIs of other modes are incomplete.
  • The full-featured real beta version is coming soon :sunglasses:.
  • This version only supports Windows 10. The official version will support Windows 7.
  • Bugs and crashes are (very) expected.
  • This version is portable, it won’t change your existing setting file.


  • Exit your existing Listary.
  • Run Listary.Main.exe.
  • There may be a UAC window asking for admin permission. Click Yes.
  • There will be a black node.exe window, keep it open.
  • It’s recommended to wait for a few seconds for building the index when running it the first time.
  • Press Ctrl twice to open launcher mode.
  • Alt + P for preview
  • Ctrl + O or right arrow for actions.

This version is packed with some simple extensions

  • Calculator. Just type your formula in the search box.
  • Wikipedia. Type wiki with a space. This extension needs to download components from the internet and may not work properly if your connection is not very good.



  • Actions

  • Dictionary (English - Chinese) extension


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I’ll wait for the official beta, couldn’t run this one on my W10 =(

Looks really nice, thanks for sharing!

Its built on electronjs? Why do you need nodejs to be running?

No. Just to support extensions.

When i hit Ctrl + O for actions, is there a way to actually try an action? Clicking on an action does nothing.

Use Up/Down to select one and press Enter. You can also search for one.

I only had one issue with Listary 5. When i searched for a song and tried to use the action “add to windows media player list”, it didn’t work (i reported the error message more than a year ago).
Well… it works now :slight_smile: Thanks for the most amazing piece of software, Channing

Please, make possible to manually delete items from the list forever.
So, if I see an item, that I never don’t want to see - I need to delete it forever. (ignoring list)

And also, please make possible to give manually privileges to items to be ON TOP of the list. (favorite list)

Improvements suggestion:

  1. Add setting to redefine hotkeys, currently only Ctrl+Ctrl calls Listary, but would be nice if i could remap it to Ctrl+Space.
  2. Results list is too long, goes beyond the screen down, add setting to limit number of results. Make the search input 25% higher than it appears right now (in the middle of the screen)
  3. Why node runs in a terminal window on the app start, make it background process.
  4. If i launched word, then typed “Word” in Listary again, it would run second instance of the Word, how to call running instance? Just like in Alfred, if you launch an App, then launch that app again in alfred, it would open running instance, instead.

That will be available.

It works automatically. Just type your search query, select and run a result. The next time it will be on top.

  1. The Options UI is incomplete in this version. That setting will be available soon.
  2. Will also be available.
  3. It’s temporary.
  4. This behavior is defined by the app itself and Listary has no control over it. No matter how you launch Word on macOS (e.g. using Terminal), it will only have one instance.


well, can you add a prefix like in Wox now:

w Word

So it would open an already running instance of app, if you type just w then it shows all running apps.

Also hotkeys on a result list would be nice, first 10 results would have hotkeys, like: Ctrl+1/2/3/4/5

Glad to get this good news! Trying

There is likely to be an extension for this.

This will be available in the beta.

When do you plan to release a stable version?


I am very excited and happy to try this…

initial bug report : actually I get this error when I try to extract (copy) the file to C:\Program Files\Listary




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No ETA yet, but it should not be long.