Listary 6 new launcher mode preview


That’s not a bug. You can:

  1. Use a file compression application to extract the file instead of the Windows built in one.
  2. Ignore the errors. You won’t be able to use extensions, but all other features will still work.


I did the extract to a folder then I tried to copy the files to C:\Program Files\Listary manually and I got this error… I also tried to extract directly to that folder but of course in Windows 10 it will not be possible (security)

I am using Haozip for the extraction and then windows copy from one folder to another…

I will try with another extraction software but just wanted to let you know so don’t bother and keep the great work :slight_smile:


This version is a standalone preview version. Don’t use it to replace your existing Listary and there is no need to copy it to Program Files.


How to use the wiki and dictionary plugin?
I typed wiki and a space, and then type my query. Nothing happened.


You need to have a good internet connection for extensions to set up automatically. Exit Listary, delete UserProfile folder, run Listary, wait for a few minutes (depending on your internet connection quality), and try again.


i wanted to search for a folder C:…\ABC\XYZ. I tried

and so on…
i never found it. if i search for XYZ directly it founds it, but of course also other stuff. Is there something wrong or is it still not possible to narrow down a search by using the search queries as highlighted above?

Apart from that everything worked and it definitely looks better overall.


Type abc\xyz or xyz abc\ :

Note that this feature is not available in this preview yet, you can try it in the old version.


Great! Thanks for the confirmation.


Do you plan to make Listary as close, as possible to Alfred?


No. Windows and macOS are very different. Both Listary and Alfred have many unique features that are not suitable for the other system.


Ok, understood. So, when you’ll release production-ready version, i will be able to write plugins using js, right?




Can you share github repo for listary?


There will be detailed documentation for extension development after the stable release. All the built-in and sample extensions will also be available on GitHub.


How soon do you think you will be able to add the features from V5 into V6? I would like to switch to V6 even if it’s still in beta but the lack of features and limited configuration makes me go back to V5 forcibly right now… while I would like to help debugging V6 by using intensively


There is no exact ETA, but it won’t be long.


Hello Channing,
Great Preview. I am looking forward to the Beta and I guess it will have much more functionality already :slight_smile:

Some feedback and questions to Preview2:

  • I see you have rudimentary edit capabilities, like HOME, CTRL-left, etc. added to the input box. This is something I truly missed in Listary 5. THANKS!
  • Question: would you eventually add some minimal regex functionality too?
  • the searchbar (typing while in explorer) always comes up on the lower right corner. I guess this will be configurable?
  • I see that the searchbar can come up in parallel in several explorer windows. I just have to start typing there. I perceive this a nice function, but one has to be careful about that, or suddenly there are too many of the searchbars open, I guess.
  • searchbar does not come up when I start typing on the desktop. In Listary 5 this works (although sometimes Listary 5 crashes)
  • I like the plugins! Hopefulle someone writes plugins for quickly translating a word from one language to another, get back synonyms, query a specific website with the typed word, etc…
  • By the way, the Dictionary plugin only gives result in Chinese

My first impressions are very very good!



Since he adds nodejs, then lots of people would make the plugins.


Thanks for your feedback!

Maybe. It’s not hard for me to add regex search itself, but we also have to add some extra things (like a regex: keyword) to make it work.

The launcher mode UI position will be highly configurable. There is no plan to change the UI position in Explorer.

No worries, preview version only issues.

It’s just a quick demo. You’ll have many more useful extensions once the stable version is available.


@Channing hello, bro. I have a great feature request.

I’m from Ukraine, and I use Cyrillic all the time. And it’s a huge problem to change input language each time from English to Ukrainian, and from Ukrainian to English.

So, my feature request is this…
Imagine there are two keyboard layouts… A and B
Let user bind key in language A to key in language B
For example, word COSMOS, in Ukrainian is КОСМОС, and if I forget to change the keyboard layout - it will be RJCVJC

But if I will type RJCVJC - it will find nothing.

So… in my specific situation
К = R
О = J
С = C
М = V
О = J
С = C

I have to tell Listary about it.

If they would be bound between themselves, and if search algorithms would count it, it will search needed results even if input language is wrong.
Like Google does.

It would be really great.

google - cosmos