Listary 6 new features and updates (updated 7/18)

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Popup menu

The refined popup menu is cleaner and a joy to use. It adds support for special shell items (e.g. This PC, Quick access). It also has better support for shared network drives.

File manager mode

File manager mode now uses a minimalist single line UI. Same files from List and Path section in the previous version are merged automatically. When the path is too long, a tooltip will show up automatically.

The sorting algorithm has been completely redesigned. It’s much smarter and intuitive to use.

I’ll post more videos soon. Let me know your thoughts on the new UI and features.


Hi, here are videos of some of the new features that will be available in Listary 6.

File preview
Extension - Wikipedia

I’ll post more in the coming few weeks.


OK, it all looks great. But WHEN can we have it?

I’m working my best on it now. So many amazing things to offer. It will be well worth the wait, I promise :sunglasses:


Looks awesome. I am hoping for its early release!

omg… these preview features are amazing!

but let me put some suggestions :wink:

  1. when recording a video - consider about showing keys, that you press (e.g. software “Carnac”)
  2. let users choose the meta tags to be shown for images in preview window (creation date, modify date, creator, width, height, etc…)
  3. icons of the extensions should be universal “piece of puzzle” icon
  4. when you choose item B in the “wiki list”, preview of the item A should be removed immediately (cause it looks confusing), and there should be something, that will show the process of “Loading” page in preview… it a good sign to inform user, that everything ok, it’s not stuck - it’s loading…
examples of loading gif

loading load2 load3 load4

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Thanks for your suggestions.

  1. I’ll try to use one for the next video. Carnac has some trouble supporting single modifier hotkeys (i.e. Ctrl/Alt/Shift without letters) that Listary uses a lot.
  2. May add support for that after the stable release.
  3. If you mean the folder icon for “listary-extension-wikipedia” at 00:03 of the video, it’s actually a normal folder search result that has nothing to do with extensions. You enter extension mode by simply typing a predefined keyword (“wiki” in this case) followed by a space.
  4. I’ll add that.

That looks neat!

I guess we will be able to write our own extensions like the Wikipedia extension?

Of course, and that would be very easy and straightforward.

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let me make a list of “is it possible to implement” websites…

  1. YouTube
  2. Google Maps
  3. Google Translator
  4. OpenStreetMap
  5. Urban Dictionary

the main interest for me makes, of course, YouTube… it would be fantastic to find a video in that simple way, by using Listary…

I think all of them are possible and not hard. I may implement a few myself (e.g. Youtube) and leave the rest to the community.

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What language will be used for the extensions?

This is looking promising.
I’m not a currently a user but I’ve been lurking around, planning to replace my current “launch environment” comprised of several different applications by a single application setup.
Listary is shaping up to become a strong potential candidate, I am hoping to be able to purchase Listary 6 when it releases.

Wonder if these “website extensions” could just become a single generic “web search” extension, where much like in web browser search engines, one could just add a different sites with a “%s” search string and be done with it, instead of having to write a different extension for each individual site.

One side request: Whenever possible please allow insertion of relative paths for all local addresses to maximize portability.

Keep up the great work and videos

Yes please leave the dev of extensions for later or the community, just focus on delivering a beta version (it’s not urgent for me but I cannot wait to see what you come up with after so long over most because the actual listary is just awesome)…

I can help with the UI and other graphics work… a new logo would be great as well with new design standards and a lot of customizations possibilities.

I have a feeling that this will be the next product MS will buy!

JavaScript (Node.js) for this kind of web extensions, and C# for native extensions.

The current version already supports adding search engine URLs yourself. To show live search results or previews, you will have to create extensions. But don’t worry, there will be plenty for the common ones from the community after the release.

The current version supports relative paths in most settings.

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Thanks! If you have some mocks or suggestions about UI layouts, color themes, or fonts, I’d be very happy to hear them or add them to Listary.


Pretty cool, very excited for the new version.
I can already envision a few useful plugins, like say a units converter (imperial, metric etc) or currency converter that would fetch online rates and cache them for offline use.

Keep it up!

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@Channing Do you think it would be possible to support wildcards when searching for files by name?

It’s not hard to support wildcards. I’m considering adding regular expression or wildcard support in the new version. Can you provide some real-life examples that you need to use wildcards within Listary?

Hi Channing

I’m a developer myself, and often have to find files I can’t remember the exact naming of.

It might search for Config*.txt to find ConfigSettings.txt.

Sometimes one may want to filter a list of files by type, e.g. *.cs, or *.jpg etc.

Regex would also be an amazing addition, although I haven’t had to use it for finding files; more content within files. Also, I’m not sure if your user-base consists mostly of developers, but your normal pc-user probably won’t know what a regex is, let alone how to write one.

Listary supports Google-like keyword search out of the box. You can simply type config .txt instead of Config*.txt.

Also, just type .cs to search for *.cs.

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That’s awesome. I just had a look at the documentation on your website again. I see it’s there in the samples, although not as explicitly.

Thank you for bringing it to my attention. Looking forward to V6 :grinning: