Listary 6 Community Mockups

Listary 6 is shaping up to be a unique and potentially powerful application. Its refactoring and new features may call for updated visuals, so a new UI and graphics makeover may be in order.

Following Channing’s suggestion at the videos post I decided to open this thread so the community can post some suggestions and mockups.

I’ll go first. Here’s a few studies for a new icon/logo I made out of fun in various distinct styles and colors. Hope you like them.

Let me know what you think.

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Hi, I really like your design, especially the first few ones that combine “L” and “I” together seamlessly :heart:

In fact, I already have a new icon for Listary 6 which I’ll share within a few days. Instead of using a symbol for the name “Listary” as your design, it shows what the app does - search, integration, speed, extensibility, etc. My concern here is that it’s already very hard to explain to new users what Listary is, so I have to make it easier whenever possible. However when someday Listary becomes widely known, I won’t hesitate to switch to a brand name based logo like yours.

Thanks again for your fantastic work!

Glad you like them.

Really curious about your design, looking forward to the reveal, I’ll keep an eye on the forum.