Listary 6 new features and updates (updated 7/18)


Hi Channing,

First of all, I’d like to thank you for your brilliant piece of software. After testing the free version for one day, it was clear to me that buying Listary Pro is a no-brainer. :grinning: I work as a technical writer and have to deal with tons of image files using various types of software. Together with TC, Listary is the perfect time saver!

The new preview feature looks really promising! Do you plan to also include it for PDFs and other vector formats like AI, SVG, EPS and so forth, analogous to the uLister plugin for TC?

Best regards,


Hi, I do have the plan to support more file preview formats when Listary 6 becomes relatively stable.


Do you already have a timeframe for the next set of videos :)?


I’ll release more this week.



The new previews look great, you’re doing a superb job! I’m very much looking forward to version 6. :smiley:



I’ve been using the free version of Listary for a while and was about to upgrade to pro. If i buy pro now, will i have access to listary 6?


Yes, you will be able to upgrade to Listary 6 for free.


Thats great to know, thanks! Just bought it.




Looks fantastic! Absolutely looking forward more updates and the new L6 itself!


Awesome! Looking forward to it