Listary 6 Beta 🎉


I can confirm that but for SSD disk. Show up time increased just recently and it’s sometimes even 2-3 seconds. I don’t have any issues like that with other launchers I am testing, and have quite performant machine as it needs to cope with large IDEs.


I have also a system with SSD disks but here Listary is quick.


I’ll consider adding an Action for that.


I guess thats a problem on your system with whatever component or software.
I also have only mechanical disks and there is no delay at all for invoking Lister.


@bendykowski @jcmn

Could you share the log file to help me address the issue? First please make sure you’re using the latest version (

  1. Exit Listary.
  2. Run Listary with parameters via the command line. Change the path if you’ve changed the installation folder:
    "C:\Program Files\Listary\Listary.exe" --log-level=0
  3. Activate Listary with Ctrl-Ctrl, the slowness should happen as you described. Send the following file to or upload it here:
    C:\Users\<Your user name>\AppData\Roaming\Listary\UserProfile\Cache\<Your computer name>\ListaryLog.txt


@Channing This slowness is not consistent and sometimes (like just now) it’s opening as should. I’ll keep an eye on this and if I encounter this problem again I’ll send you a log file.

BTW, thank you very much for this excellent application. I miss macOS’s Alfred when I use Windows at work and this is a superb replacement.


An Antivirus perhaps?

This sytem has Kaspersky.


My system also has Kaspersky but no problems with Listary


@ChrisM For the time being, you can call an Autohotkey script with a custom action and pass “{action_path}” as parameter. This one works for me:

param := A_Args[0]
Run, properties %param%
WinWait, 1


request. Add support for right mouse drag and drop which would enable to move a file to certain folder by just dropping it there with the right mouse.


I’m shocked that no one brought up the missing multi-select / select all functionality. This suggestion was made in 2012 and as far as I’m aware remains unsupported by any release of Listary.

This is the only thing stopping me from purchasing a pro license right now. I’d like to be able to use ctrl + a to select all the search results.


Thanks for the suggestion. I’ll add this to my to-do list.


It’s a little complicated here.

  • Listary shows many results that are not files. E.g. Commands, websites, applications.
  • Listary only shows the top 30 results based on its own smart sorting algorithm.

So if you use Ctrl + A, the selected results could be unpredictable and confusing.


I thought that v5 limited search results to files only if you proceeded the search with a SPACE, is that not true or am I mixing up Alfred functionality? It would be nice if a ’ or SPACE would limit the search to files only. That might make the request from Spadille more reasonable.


Thats a job for an file manager and not for Listary or other such tools.


Wouldn’t it be possible to use search filters to work around this issue? Perhaps the default configuration can be made to select only folders, pictures, videos, etc. that fall under the default search filters?

But if Ctrl + A is not feasible, would it be more practical to implement something like Ctrl+Click or Shift Click to manually select multiple folders? One of the core features of Listary is the context menu actions which supports copying and moving a file to the current folder, but this gets cumbersome very quickly if you are having to move 5+ files out of a directory.

@horst Are you sure about that? Because Listary already has support for right-click context menus, but it is limited to a single file selection at a time. I haven’t seen any compelling reason to limit the experience in this way and not allow multiple selection.


I use Listary together with Total Commander and its shown in the context menu.
But for me Listary is the fast search for some files or dirs and not the replacement of a file manager.
I also use the search tool Everything with its Total Commander integration
which I would like to see in Listary too. For this Listary needs ab SDK for integration
into other tools.


Wow, you seem to have your hands full with 3 different search tools; I wasn’t planning on using more than one. I suppose this change would largely go unnoticed for you anyway as it is probably redundant with your setup.

The search tool Everything is ugly as sin and there’s an awful UAC prompt each time you login. I was using it previously before changing to Listray. Great app for search but ugly and annoying. Total Commander looks even more horrendous as a file explorer, I’m just not sold yet on switching my file explorer.


Listary 5 does support that. Listary 6 is smart enough to figure out whether you need a file or an application automatically in most cases so that feature hasn’t been added yet. I’ll still add it in a future release.


If we really need to support multi-selection, I think putting some hidden checkboxes (only visible when you hover your mouse over it) over the file icons is good enough. Shift + Click can also be used for range selection.

I’ll plan this for a later version (maybe 6.1).