Listary 6 Beta 🎉


@Channing Unfortunately I gave you an update too soon. Crashed twice since late yesterday afternoon.

Did the log files I provided, especially the last, provide any assistance?



That doesn’t work for me and here Ctrl+Enter does nothing
even after selecting an result by moving the cursor over it and its highlighted
So I have to use the context menu on any of the results.

  1. Check if Hotkey is set to Ctrl + Return for Options - Features - Actions - Open Containing Folder.
  2. Are you using Explorer or a 3rd-party file manager?


Is there going to be a portable version of Version 6, and if so, wouldn’t be better to offer it during the beta so that people interested in testing it doesn’t install it until the stable one comes out.


The Quick Switch is working on Windows Explorer but I can’t make it work on XYplorer. I’ve added XYplorer to Integration under Options.


I did check all your log files:

  1. Listary got some strange Win + F2 hotkey combinations in the freeze log. Do you have any clue what could that be (especially the F2 part)? Could it be simulated by some other applications?
  2. The crash also happens for some other users. I’m still working on it.

Some extra questions:

  1. Did Listary show an error message when it crashed?
  2. Do you still remember what were you doing when Listary crashed?


There is no plan for a “standard” portable version at the moment. The installer allows you to choose your own setting folder, which makes it really not very different from a portable version.


XYplorer support hasn’t been added yet. It’ll be available very soon. Please remove your own XYplorer integration setting as it will conflict with Listary’s built-in implementation.


The Hotkey was not set for this action, works now.
I use Total Commander as File manager.


request. Add a way to launch websites (in the default web browser) from Listary, in addition to the web search already available. It’s definitely faster than first opening a browser.


Please consider displaying longer path in folder history. I have the same named subfolders (i.e. c:\work…\1-2019, or \nas\archive\customer name\1-2019\ etc.) in different parent folders on different drives and now I cannot distinguish them in the menu.
Maybe displaying few first characters and last subfolder from the path would help.


In the file dialog listary behaves differently. when i start typing it does not get the focus, cant switch between the search results using the arrow keys. And I can’t reach the context menu either like ‘open file location’. In this case listary 5 was more handy for me.


Do you mean opening websites by typing/pasting URLs in Listary’s search box?


No worries. Listary will show long paths in an extra panel like what it’s doing now in Explorer.


Thank you for your feedback. This will be fixed soon.




To address your questions:

  1. Listary did not display any error message. The only way I know it has happened is if the CTRL+SPACE hotkey to bring up the search window does not respond.
  2. I’ve had it freeze after unlocking my screen or freeze just in the middle of working, but not active in Listary. The only way I know is what I mentioned above.


As a workaround. You can add keywords for a website and use chrome to open it.



Listary 6 until now is very slow on poping up the search window (Ctrl-Ctrl), in one of my systems that have mechanical disks. Is it possible to make it more responsive?


Add support for Alt+Enter to open the Properties window, like in Windows File Explorer