Listary 6 Beta 🎉


Glad to see that when opening MS Office template files (e.g. .xltx), the default action is now “New” rather than “Open”.


I saw that network drive support was added in but it still is not working in


You need to add your network drives in Options - Features - File Search - Index.

Note that there is a minor performance issue here. The fix will be available in the next release (later this week).


Hello Channing. Thanks to your useful product.
Just some quick request.

1- When I click two times CTRL I get the listary box… EMPTY
Would be nice to get it loaded with the last 10 tools executed
It would avoid to type again the same thing

2- I tried to find ONE ONLY click to run listary shortkey.
in default I have to click TWO times on CTRL
Find&Run robot use for example the PAUSE key. JUST one time and get the box
SOLVED: I found I can configure the same key for starting LISTARY

Thanks again


May be an isolated case but for me the Listary bar is not disappearing when the Open/Save dialog window is closed. It only gets disappeared when clicked with a mouse. Tested on two Win10 x64 machines.


If you move the file dialog, does Listary move with it?

This issue is already on my watch list, but I find it extremely hard to reproduce (tried a few hundred times, only succeeded once). Does it always happen on your system? Did you do some special steps?


Not at all, to be honest… It’s typically present in Chrome (latest 64-bit built), where I’m getting this bug all the times. For other apps (e.g. office) I believe I had seen it only once or twice.


Would there be a portable version for this?
This way we won’t have to cut Listary from Program Files to portable devices, cloud, and whatnot whenever there’s a new update…


You can change the settings folder when installing, which makes it really not very different from a portable version.


This must be new. I didn’t see this on the previous versions.


When an update is downloaded, where is it being put? I need to specifically tell the installer to run with elevated privileges and the auto-launch of the installer is blocking me from doing that. I’ve been downloading directly when I see there is an update, but that is getting old.


Hello, in the Beta the network paths run fine again on my computers. Until today I had only one crash of listary (since 4 weeks). I miss that mouse hoover over the three buttons underneath the file dialog window expands the content automatically. I have to click on it now. It would be quicker if I don´t have to click on it. The space between the items of the folder list is too wide for me. In the previous version it was better. I hope that in the new version all these things can be changed by the user. Thanks for your great work!


It’s downloaded to Windows’ temp folder (C:\Users<User name>\AppData\Local\Temp) with a random name, which is pretty hard to find manually.

The auto-updater should run the installer as admin automatically. What happens on your system?


Thanks for your feedback. The UI will be optimized continuously. However, the buttons can’t expand automatically, even in Listary 5.


Thanks for the location info.

The installer is running as admin and asking for admin password, but my company has some other software that requires me to elevate privileges from a context menu item titled Run Elevated. I think it does logging of some sort for software audit purposes.

PITA to be honest, because the admin login that the install pops up has been blocked from accepting the same information I enter somewhere else.


HI. I have a question. How to enable file preview? On what file types does it work
I also have a suggestion: Add an option to open a file containing folder by clicking on its icon.


Preview is started with Alt-P
Open Containig folder is in the context menu.


@Channing I haven’t seen a freeze this in the last couple of days. Wonder if it was something related to my system that got updated or if one of your recent Beta’s fixed it.


You can also press Ctrl + Enter to open the containing folder directly.


Thanks for the information. I’ll still keep an eye on it.