Listary 6 Beta 🎉



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Listary always shows results from the folder you’re browsing first.
[/quote]Yes, that’s why the keyword was so powerful/useful. Hope you can find a good solution. Thanks.


Is it a firewall issue? I use Outpost Firewall Pro and each time I try to run Listary Outpost ask me to allow a TCP remote port: 49320, 49317, 49280, 49272, 49214, 49376 and so on. See screenshot: I allow everything but each time Listary crashes. In version 5 there are no such TCP requests.


Hi, 3rd-party file manager support will be added next week.

Can you list some extra shortcuts that you use most often?


Just added change log at the bottom of the post.


Can you share a screenshot of your Explorer’s View setting? Thanks.


That seems to be a firewall issue. Listary 6 needs to use TCP to communicate with a helper process, which is local on your computer.

  1. You can see the “Remove Address” is ::1, which is your own computer. So there is nothing to worry here.
  2. The port number (49385 in the screenshot) is assigned by the system and is random each time. I suggest that you add Listary.exe to your firewall’s whitelist.


Hi and thanks for the reply. Options and recents shortcut were very helpful…


I gave Listary carte blanche but to no avail. I also restored a clean image without any firewall. Same result: it crashes right away, before I can see the interface. It just don’t work for me. Am I the only one?


Loving the new update. Hopefully you can help with this? I am finding that Listary 6 does not prioritise an exact match. Take the search in the image below, previously the folder would be in the top slot. As I have folders for hundreds of projects and some of these have hundreds of files, I can no longer select the right folder quickly.


I installed this latest Beta but am not getting any results from Network drives. None of the keywords are returning any results. For instance, when I type apps (keyword for network drive T:\apps) there are NO results. This worked fine on v5. I have rebuilt the indexes but still no results. Any suggestions?


Is there a portable version for this Beta?


I believe the crash should have been fixed now, please update Listary.

If you have some extra time, could you help me address the root cause of the firewall issue and the crash? I’d appreciate it!

  1. Exit Listary.
  2. Open Command Prompt or Win + R Run box and start Listary using this command line:
    "C:\Program Files\Listary\Listary.exe" --debug --log-to-file
  3. After Listary starts (or crashes), send the following file to or upload it here:
    C:\Users\<Your user name>\AppData\Roaming\Listary\UserProfile\Cache\<Your computer name>\ListaryLog.txt



Thanks for your feedback. I’ll optmize exact match sorting.

And just select and run LM18205 manually once, Listary will adjust its rank automatically.


Hi, network drive support hasn’t been added yet, it’ll be available next week.


No, but the beta version allows you to choose the folder to save your settings (select Custom in the installer), which makes it very similar to the portable version.


Been testing the beta a bit the last days and this is a lot more solid than the alpha (which I was a bit disappointed in).

The following issues have I found so far:

  1. Calculator does not respect the systems culture/region setting (different decimal signs), this was mentioned here already
  2. In Listary 5, when the application lost the focus it was hidden. Listary 6 seems to stay open until after I press CTRL two more times to close it again. Maybe this is intentional, maybe configurable?
  3. No previews for images are displayed for me, do I need a special setting/key to do this?

Small improvements/features:

  1. Would it be possible to show a date/time when a drive was indexed the last time?
  2. (super minor) In the Features section, make it so that the ListBox items (Menu, Commands …) hover/are selectable even when you’re not directly on the text/icon.

Looking forward to 3rd party file manager support and network drive indexing.


Thanks for your reply. Can I use Custom to overwrite my current portable version 5? Don’t want to lose my current settings. Thanks!


You can install the beta and choose the new setting folder wherever you like, then import your Listary 5 settings manually via Opitions - General.


When I update a window pops up that says “Out of system resources”. The good news is that when I click OK the installation proceeds and completes successfully.


Thanks for your feedback.

  1. I’ll fix that.
  2. It’s due to a bug. Please wait for the next release.
  3. Use Alt + P to show preview.

  1. NTFS volumes are updated in real-time. I’ll let Listary show update time for custom indexes.
  2. Commands already supports that. Enabling it in the menu editor is complex and could affect dragging and dropping, so I won’t add it for now.