Listary 6 Beta 🎉

@matesko Thanks for the info. I have used a couple of applications over the years. I’m going to look into FARR and QAP. I didn’t know about either.

Obviously, I don’t know what @Channing is dealing with in his life. Hopefully, he is simply very busy with other things of higher priority than Listary, but nothing bad has happened. That said, he should at least communicate in some form to let people know what is going on, if at all possible. No matter what, @Channing isn’t handling business with users (especially Listary Pro users) as well as should be done. I say that as one that bought a Listary 5 Pro license almost 7 years ago.

The Listary 6 development has been a long struggle. To me, it has become a bit of a joke. I hardly ever come here to check on the status. It’s really sad. I use Listary 5 once in a while, but mainly use Everything, which I use all the time. I will check out FARR and QAP (thanks again, @matesko).

I hope Listary 6 dev work can resume and Listary 6 will end up being successful and a great product, despite all of its problems.

Beautiful application, however, it is so big in RAM usage, in my old laptop (4GB RAM) I don’t find it appropriate leaving me with fewer memory for other applications.

Here a comparison with Keypirinha’s RAM usage.

BTW: What is node used for?

Really? That’s sad. So sorry to hear of @Channing 's passing. :cry:

mkdir command does nothing :roll_eyes:

Really? Sad to hear this :cry:

When did this happen?

Are you kidding me?

horst: “Thats a job for a file manager and not Listary” is an absurd stance when the user is presented with a LIST via a program called LISTARY and cannot act on the items produced as a LIST – it’s directly contrary to the nature of the program (to the problem/task set the app positions itself to address), and to the workflow/results/UI presentation – which all seem to be on-point and purpose-built right up to the point where the user is presented, tantalizingly, with exactly the small selection of items he wants, lookin’ right at 'em, but is only allowed to act on one. Of course, picking just one does not, in the vast majority of likely everyday scenarios, complete the task. So the user’s reduced to one-at-a-time pointlessly manually-intensive snail’s pace file-handling with efficiency similar to eating soup with a fork. Or completing the task in other software. Which generally accomplishes the rest of what Listary does too, if not as slickly at-your-fingertips as Listary does. (So, the question naturally arises, does he really need Listary to do half a job a little quicker?

LISTARY should handle the LIST it produces, not just ONE item from it. How often is a search intended to produce only ONE result that will require action? (Are you even involved in coding this, or just opining for fun?)

To say multiple-select is “not Listary’s job” is just plain fuzzy thinking, man.

Why am I wasting keystrokes contradicting you, instead of addressing the designer?

Well, I’m on my way to do that right now: but your take was so flatly dismissive and free of logical basis that letting it stand would have been negligent.

And, anyway, naysaying naysayers is a positive good. :wink:

He is just telling shit. Does he even know Channing in real life? The reason this software has not been updated frequently is that Channing has joined a startup company and is very busy with his work.


I’m not interested on your opinion as it doesn’t fit to the actual state of Listary.
Use a program like Everything and you can see that there are better fast search tools.
I have a Listary Pro license but stopped to use it as the current beta is worse than the old one
and no significant improvements happened since a long time.

any news about Channing.
is he OK?

come back,we need you @Channing

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I must admit I am finding listary crashes all the time, i think #424 but I loyally restart it. For me if that error could be ignored somehow, I’d be very happy.

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I am also finding that Listary 6 crashes too often. But, like others, I keep on restarting it.
It doesn’t seem that there is any hope for the completion of this app.
I guess we have to try others…

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what are the alternatives?
is there any with same features?

I don’t really know. They mentioned FARR but it is definitely not as user-friendly as this. I’m not sure about the features.

Hello Chaning,
Would it be possible to add “GodMode”
either as a default in the Menu section besides Quick Access, This PC and My Documents…
allow to add the Folder manually?

For those not knowing GodMode:
Create a Folder in Windows and name it:

(see also here:

After that, you will have all Windows system tools nicely accessible below that folder…



You believe that shit?

Search back for the last response from the Author.
He’s dead or no longer interested to support or develop Listary.