Listary 6 Beta πŸŽ‰


Is this a behavior that persists past 5 minutes after boot?

For me, Listary latest beta does display the behavior you have mentioned for a minute or so after a reboot, then functions perfectly after that. As a rule, Listary lags the first time I all it up, takes maybe 5 seconds to register keys, and it goes back to normal behavior. I have no problems after that during day to day usage.

Must say I am loving the app thus far, and it has been a joy to use (though it has only been a month). I have no idea how I have lived without this app. Looking forward to Listary 6 release, will be purchasing the pro version then!


You’re right. The lag happens when I first launch the app after a boot. After that, everything is back to normal.


Hi, I loved Listary 5, and an hour after using it i found listary 6 and got the beta. Everything is great but there were some weird behaviours that forced me to go back to Listary 5 again.

  • I’m not sure if intended, but in v6, when in any file dialogue in a program (e.g. notepad), i cant double-tap ctrl to use the small listary bar, i need to manually click it. If i use double-ctrl, it will open the main listary bar instead of bringing focus to the small bar

  • sometimes when i double tap ctrl, the bar shows up but its not focused on it, i still have to click it

i’m not sure if maybe some program is interfering with the focus, but L5 works fine. I usually have ManicTime, 1clipboard and Everything also running. If theres some way i can help further with testing the bugs i will be happy to. Thanks!


Thanks. Ctrl+g Works.
It would be nice to have list of favorite TC folders (directory menu).

Anyway good job!


I prefer the LOGO of Version 5.


Thanks for your feedback. I’ll keep an eye on the focus issues.


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