Listary 6 Beta 🎉


Is this a behavior that persists past 5 minutes after boot?

For me, Listary latest beta does display the behavior you have mentioned for a minute or so after a reboot, then functions perfectly after that. As a rule, Listary lags the first time I all it up, takes maybe 5 seconds to register keys, and it goes back to normal behavior. I have no problems after that during day to day usage.

Must say I am loving the app thus far, and it has been a joy to use (though it has only been a month). I have no idea how I have lived without this app. Looking forward to Listary 6 release, will be purchasing the pro version then!


You’re right. The lag happens when I first launch the app after a boot. After that, everything is back to normal.


Hi, I loved Listary 5, and an hour after using it i found listary 6 and got the beta. Everything is great but there were some weird behaviours that forced me to go back to Listary 5 again.

  • I’m not sure if intended, but in v6, when in any file dialogue in a program (e.g. notepad), i cant double-tap ctrl to use the small listary bar, i need to manually click it. If i use double-ctrl, it will open the main listary bar instead of bringing focus to the small bar

  • sometimes when i double tap ctrl, the bar shows up but its not focused on it, i still have to click it

i’m not sure if maybe some program is interfering with the focus, but L5 works fine. I usually have ManicTime, 1clipboard and Everything also running. If theres some way i can help further with testing the bugs i will be happy to. Thanks!


Thanks. Ctrl+g Works.
It would be nice to have list of favorite TC folders (directory menu).

Anyway good job!


I prefer the LOGO of Version 5.

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Thanks for your feedback. I’ll keep an eye on the focus issues.

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Hey, the beta is great. Would be even better if proxy was supported, currently I cannot get search suggestions from the Suggestion provider, even though there is an enterprise proxy configured at connection level in Windows 10.


Thank you for your feedback. I’ll check if Listary can use the system proxy directly.


Great updates in the beta: Any idea when you will be able to push out the first version with theme support?


I’ve already have a dark theme designed, but not sure when will be able to add it to Listary.


I think I’ve found a bug with environment variables.

When I launch programs via Listary, they inherit the environment variables from when Listary first launched, not the latest environment variables from the Windows registry. For example, if I update my PATH and then launch a terminal via Listary, the terminal does not get the updated PATH.

To reproduce the bug:
Listary is already running.
Open “Edit the system environment variables” UI. Add a new environment variable foo = bar.
Use Listary to open cmd. Type echo %foo%
Use the Windows start menu to open cmd. Type echo %foo%


Unfortunately, this is the default Windows behavior and it’s not easy to change. For example, if you open a cmd window, change some environment variables, then open an application from the previous cmd, the app will inherit old environment variables.


I understand it’s the default for one process launching another, but it’s not the behavior of the start menu or of clicking a desktop shortcut. I think most users expect Listary to behave that way. When I launch something from the start menu, it’s given the set of environment variables stored in Windows’ registry.

I don’t expect to customize the environment in cmd, launch Listary from there, and have Listary pass those variables to processes. Listary launches automatically when I start Windows, so I’m never going to pass custom environment variables to Listary.

Can you use the following C# function calls to get a complete environment for launching a new process?

 var userVars = System.Environment.GetEnvironmentVariables(System.EnvironmentVariableTarget.User);
 var machineVars = System.Environment.GetEnvironmentVariables(System.EnvironmentVariableTarget.Machine);
// overwrite machine vars with user vars, but merge the Path values
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I have tested this issue with the latest beta and the problem persists.

I guess the results priority algorithm still requires some work.


Thanks for the information. I’ll use it in the next version after some testing.


Yes. I haven’t started working on this issue yet.


Just tried out the beta. Great work. Looks great and works great (as did version 5)
Hope to see a final soon.

(and hope for integration of Windows Search results)


I asked about this on StackOverflow and was able to write a better implementation using CreateEnvironmentBlock. It handles all the preprocessing and merging of variables for you, so it’s a cleaner approach.


Can you add an option to make filters keywords case sensitive/insensitive? For ex, I set the letter “v” to filter out search for video files, but typing “V” won’t activate the filter. It’s time consuming to always set the correct case. An option to make the keywords case sensitive/case insensitive would be great . thx.