Listary 6 Beta 🎉


It’s a free upgrade for you.


Thanks for your feedback. I’ll check them.


Thank you for your feedback. I’m still tracking this bug. How often does it happen?


No need to be a smartass. Some programs need to be run as admin which the current Windows version screwed up. This eventually cascaded up to now. Quick Access Popup for one had minimal problems interacting with admin privileges. Imma leave that up to you to go figure out. I didn’t intend to sweat Channing in making Listary to work like so. 6 is in BETA and this thread is for opening suggestions up, right?


I’m Quick Access Popup user and beta tester since many years.
No such problem you have here with Windows 10 x64 version 1809 actual patch level
and QAP v9.9.0.7


Installed beta, played few days and all bugs I can see by now:

  1. position of Listary bar is fixed in one position of the screen
  • v5 had it glues to open/save windows) and as result 90% of the time I have listary half screen away;
  1. I can’t find menu/submenu/command for seeing paths opened in other apps
  • with v5 made saving stuff easy
  1. I can’t get Listary to auto-switch to path I am working in - with v5 I can:
  • Cltr+S in Notepad++ to see Save window
  • Alt+Tab to Total Commander to get current project path
  • Alt+Tab to get back to N++ and see window path change automatically
  • Enter to save code in desired folder
  1. “Show last opened in File Manager” does completely nothing
  2. Listary bar doesn’t disappear with open/save windows
  • it sits on screen until I click it, after that it is gone


So far testing Listary 6, I’ve been very satisfied. It very clean, it still works so incredibly fast, and has all that functionality that should be built into the OS.

But here’s couple things I’d like to see fixed/changed.

First, a scaling bug with Windows 10.
I have a TV configured so that it is “below” my monitors. After moving to Win10 and configuring different scaling for the TV, I’ve noticed many programs getting confused with different scalings on different monitors.

Listary isn’t bad here, it respects the scaling on the monitor that it’s opened on. The problems arrive when I open a long list that will not fit vertically, and expands on to the TV. Then scaling of Listary is changed to the one on that monitor (300% in my case).

Of course, it’s fitting the menu on the main monitor, cutting the overflow. But only a split second after it had already gone to the other monitor, which caused it to set 300% scaling to Listary. And this will not revert to normal scaling, unless I close Listary menu and open it again, then problem is repeated if I happen to open a menu that is too long again.

Second, add folders as a link (no submenu)
In a way this is related to the first problem, but mostly I get slightly annoying freezes when I’m trying to select a folder with lot of subfolders and files. As I don’t care about the subfolders for some of the folders I’ve added into the Listary menu. I’d like to be able to add those without having that submenu opening.

I know I can currently do a workaround with “explorer.exe” command and give the folder as a parameter. Unfortunately with this method, the icon won’t be using the special icon of that folder, for example Desktop. And it won’t work for file dialogs for selecting a folder.

Customizable icons could also help here, but I think it would be fairly easy to add a checkbox for something like “don’t open submenu”.

  1. You can drag the Listary search bar to change its position, which will be remembered the next time you activate Listary.

3&4. When you want to save a file to a specific folder. You have two options:

  • If that folder has been opened in file explorer, go to that folder and go back to the saving window and press Ctrl+G.
  • Listary will produce a little search bar below the saving window (see image below). Type the folder name directly in this search bar and choose the folder you want to save.
  1. Open explorer, click on blank space and Listary contex menu will appear.

Click history and you will find a list directory you have recent visited.

  1. Do you mean the Listary search bar on the first image? This bar will stick to the save window. I don’t think you can close it.

  1. How to drag it? Tried moving mouse pixel by pixel over bar area with no success. I am either focusing input part or buttons. Clicking (long) on input activates… input. Clicking on buttons - buttons. I see no way for dragging. L5 had options for bar position on application basis. Maybe L6 will have it somewhere in the future.

3&4. Does not work. Maybe if I use Windows Explorer (and not Total Commander) it could work but this is complete nonsense to use WinEx and Listary6 instead of TC & L5. First solution is way slower to work with because WinEx simply sucks. In TC&L5 I can do a lot in matter of seconds thanks to tabs, custom commands and lot more… With WinEx same operations can take minutes.

  1. Why would I (or anyone at all) use Windows Explorer? There are hundreds of better file managers. For years WinEx was a joke and is far behing TotalCommander/ XYplorer/ DirectoryOpus… to name a few.

  2. I’ve meant search bar under open / save windows. I didn’t write about closing it by myself. It should close itself automatically when Open / Save windows disappear. L5 does it instantly. L6 has some kind of delay and stays on screen until I click it. As for delay, I don’t know how long it is but I’ve made a test: closed Open dialog, went to for shopping, came back and it was still on screen. So… I have to click it to not be distracted.



Make sure you’re using the latest beta version (

#1. Do you mean you want to change the position of the search bar for file dialogs? You can only change the position of the launcher at the moment.

#3. 4. 5. 6. Normally they should all work as you expected. It seems that you’ve encountered some bugs. Please make sure both the file dialog and TC are running as normal user and not admin. Restart the file dialog (or the hosting application) and TC, and then try again.

v6.0.2.14 totally supports TC. There is no need to change to Explorer. If it works correctly, you should see your current TC folder after opening a file dialog automatically.


Thanks for your feedback.

  1. It’s quite an edge case. I’ll test it.
  2. I’ll consider adding an option for it. One workaround: add an empty folder to Listary, then put .lnk shortcuts of the folders you don’t want to be expanded into it.


I am using TC & latest listary 6 beta and I cannot see current TC foder; I have to Alt-tab to TC and then back to change folder in dialog.


TC 9.22a and actual Listary beta working fine together here.
Just use Ctrl-G in an Open/Save dialog and it switches to the current TC folder.
No need to go into TC and back.
OS is Windows 10 x64 version 1809 actual patch level.


Hey Channing,

Congrat’s on making progress on Listary 6! I’m ecstatic to see that the blurry rendering of fonts and UI elements is fixed! I love the new icon, too!

At your current rate of progress, when do you anticipate that a release will be ready?

Good Luck!



Removing Folders from searchresults is not working. Even after reindexing or deleting the database file they still appear in the result. e.g. removing the home folder of another user does not avoid showing the other users file in the result.


There are still a few critical bugs and performance issues to fix. After that, the version should be stable and completely ready to replace Listary 5. Then I’ll start working on extensions.


Thanks for the information. I can’t reproduce this issue at the moment. I’ll keep an eye on it.


Can you upload a screenshot of your file search setting and the search result list?



That sounds great. Anything that you can do to improve performance would give us a significant benefit. Also, it would be helpful to focus on filtering out unlikely results from the results display.

The moment that you release Listary 6, you’ve got my money! :slight_smile:

Good Luck!



Latest beta is VERY slow. When you launch the program and start typing, there’s a long delay before the typed words start to show in the search results. Often, the first keys aren’t even registered. I didn’t have this issue in previous betas.