Listary 6 Beta 🎉


Thank you for your feedback.

Web search suggestion

Check this page for detailed format documentation. Listary is only interested in the 2nd element in the response array - the completion array.

You can use this Google auto-completion URL to see some real responses:{query}

See if you can find the suggestion URL of your website directly on Mycroft Project.


Extension support is still incomplete at the moment. It will be ready soon.

If you really want to play with it now, modify C:\Users\YOUR_USER_NAME\AppData\Roaming\Listary\UserProfile\Extensions . You need to restart Listary.


Hi Channing,
any news about 3rd-party file browsers support? I am using XYplorer and it’s very difficult now…


Hi Channing, that sounds great, thanks. The Opensearch API is awesome, but my preferred web services doesn’t support the suggestion part, so I would have to open a browser window to see results, which is not my preferred solution for many cases.

The extension system on the other side, works perfectly for my case. I was able to create my own suggestion-based google translate extension for any supported language, which is very helpful in my daily work. Could you give me a hint on the expected response keys? The example is just providing a title, which shows up in the result list. I would like to add an icon and external URL to open on return. Is that already doable?

Looking forward for the final release, but take your time. Software quality is important and should stay as high as it is.


After finishing extension support, it should be relatively easy to create an extension for that.

To open URL, return an object like this for a search result:

    "title": "Result 1",
    "execution": [
            "type": "OpenUrl",
            "url": ""

There is no easy way to change the icon at the moment. And as expected, the format is subject to change.

I’ll keep this in mind :slight_smile:


Added in Please check for updates.


that’s great! thanks


I’ve been using Listary 6 for close to 2 weeks now.
I must say it is a pleasure - easy to use and beautiful design
There are 2 things that I miss:

  1. The 3 icons on the right of the search bar (recent, favorites…) when raising it by pressing ctrl twice. The icons are there by open/save dialogs but not here.
  2. In version 5 there was a folder category under the keywords section in options. This allowed getting to a specific folder by shortcut. Is this replaced by custom commands?



Would like to bump this request. Keep up the good work.


first of all, thanx for all your hard work - listary is great tool for everyday work.
i was waiting for xyplorer support. :slight_smile: now it should work, but it looks it doesn’t for me. Also desktop itegration doesn’t seems to work. in file explorer everything is working as expected. thank you.

  1. Ctrl x2 is designed for keyboard uses so the mouse menu buttons are not available now. You can access the popup menu by double clicking empty space on your desktop or set a hotkey for it. Listary will also support accessing the menu by double clicking taskbar soon.
  2. It’ll be back soon.


I’m working on a solution for exact matches.


Try to restart Windows after updating Listary.


i did it few times of course :slight_smile: i will try to reinstall from the scratch… not only upgrade.


i tried uninstall, and also delete c:\users\username\appdata\roaming\listary folder. clean install beta only and restart. still not working for xyplorer and desktop :frowning:


Check if you can use mouse-middle button to bring up the popup menu in XYplorer or press Ctrl-Ctrl to search.


mouse-middle button not working, but ctrl-ctrl is working


Which version of XYplorer are you using?


i was using 19.50.20, now i’m on 19.60


Download a clean portable version of XYplorer here and see if Listary works with it:


i’m using portable version by default. i downloaded portable and installable versions and try both. clean install and copy portable to the new directory. still the same result for both versions