Listary 5 Beta (5.00.2334)

Finally! This is the first beta version of Listary 5. Enjoy it :blush: Don’t hesitate to leave your feedback.

####Some notes

  • Extension support is currently being designed and developed. It’ll be available in a future version.
  • More new features coming very soon.


####Change log (5.00.2130)

  • New: Press Ctrl twice to show/hide Listary. Very very handy!
  • New: Completely redesign Launch Apps.
  • New: Theme support! 17 beautiful themes and a theme editor included. Check Options - Appearance.
  • New: Send to. You can now send a search result using Windows “Send to” menu or send it to any folder via search. Default hotkey Alt+S.
  • New: Custom Actions. Check Listary Options - Actions.
  • New: Use hotkey to execute an action directly.
  • New: Search web and open websites. Check Options - Keywords - Web.
  • New: History now saves your search query. The next time you want to launch the same item, you only need to type a prefix.
  • New: Redesign UI.
  • New: Press Ctrl+Enter to open parent folder of a search result directly.
  • New: New action to set keyword for a search result directly.
  • New: Set keywords for folders. Use keywords to open your mostly used folders easily.
  • New: Redesign “App Settings” tab in Options.
  • New: Drag the left border of the toolbar to change its location (launcher mode only).
  • New: Open with. Default hotkey Alt+O.
  • New: Search results hotkeys (next item, previous item, actions) are configurable in Options - Hotkeys.
  • New: New command mkdir folder_name to create a new folder.
  • New: Batch add websites, folders and custom commands in Options - Keywords.
  • New: Use Tab to autocomplete a keyword.
  • New: Support apps running as administrator even if Listary is started normally.
  • New: Add many useful system commands. Check Options - Keywords - Custom.
  • New: “Open Folder” now automatically selects the search result file.
  • New: Only search specific extensions for Launch Apps.
  • New: Support launching Windows Store Apps on Windows 8/10.
  • New: Support XYplorer Free.
  • New: Support {query} in paths.
  • New: Add more tips.
  • Improved: Lots of performance improvements.
  • Improved: Search results sorting.
  • Improved: Directory Opus compatibility.
  • Improved: Search results are updated with a much less delay.
  • Improved: Change default hotkey to Win+F on Windows 10.
  • Fixed: Cannot launch shortcuts created by 64-bit apps.
  • Fixed: Many other bug fixes.

####Change log (5.00.2132)

  • Fixed: Crash when exiting Listary.
  • Fixed: Double-ctrl press didn’t work sometimes.

####Change log (5.00.2134)

  • Fixed: Ctrl+C didn’t work in file managers while Listary was running.

####Change log (5.00.2177)

  • New: Press Ctrl key to switch to launcher mode when you activate Listary within apps like Explorer. You can always press Ctrl 3 times in a row to open Listary in launcher mode directly.
  • New: Add Tab autocomplete for Projects.
  • New: Add a default keyword opt to open Listary Options.
  • New: Add a separate hotkey for launcher mode.
  • Improved: Hide Listary automatically when losing focus.
  • Improved: Tab key can now be used to both auto-complete a keyword and select the next item.
  • Improved: Improve search results window layout on small monitors.
  • Improved: XYplorer flat mode support.
  • Fixed: URL query encoding.
  • Fixed: Host app may hang when opening a find-as-you-type result.
  • Fixed: Other bug fixes.

####Change log (5.00.2320)

  • New: Support mouse scroll on Windows 10 without changing system setting.
  • New: Add environment variable support for folder paths.
  • New: Add environment variable support for custom commands.
  • New: Add One Commander support.
  • New: Add SpeedCommander support.
  • New: Update tutorial for Listary 5.
  • Improved: Improve search results sorting.
  • Improved: Use system Explorer pane setting when opening new Explorer windows.
  • Improved: Many other improvements.
  • Fixed: Ctrl-Ctrl can’t activate Listary sometimes.
  • Fixed: Launched apps don’t get input focus correctly sometimes.
  • Fixed: Wrong start folder of “cmda” command.
  • Fixed: “Open parent folder” doesn’t work on desktop.
  • Fixed: Listary can’t attach to executables located on volumes mounted to a folder.
  • Fixed: Many other bug fixes.

####Change log (5.00.2328)

  • New: Show tips of available variables for action and custom command parameters.
  • New: Add default file manager templates.
  • Improved: Prevent backspace from closing Listary toolbar.
  • Improved: Listary will try to recover from disk search index failures automatically.
  • Improved: Other usability improvements.
  • Fixed: Listary is activated unexpectedly when using pinch-zoom on Synaptics touchpads.
  • Fixed: Listary doesn’t work fully on some apps running as admin (e.g. Task Manager and Services).
  • Fixed: Some third-party context menu extensions may crash Listary.
  • Fixed: Some other crash fixes.

####Change log (5.00.2332)

  • Fixed: Listary cannot open some folders in Total Commander.
  • Fixed: Listary cannot open folders in AutoCAD.
  • Fixed: Listary cannot open new Explorer windows on Windows XP.
  • Fixed: Listary is activated unexpectedly when using pinch-zoom on Synaptics touchpads (again).

####Change log (5.00.2334)

  • Improved: Open to launcher mode directly when pressing hotkey in Explorer.
  • Fixed: Listary can’t open Properties in Actions menu.

Thank you! Awesome! Testing it now.

It seems great, thank you!
It also fixes a bug that I was going to report :smile:

If I tried to navigate to a folder with “=” (equality sign) in the name from the Launch Apps bar, Listary 4 couldn’t handle it and used to open Windows Explorer at my User folder (or to AppData, not sure anymore). The same didn’t happen if I used Listary directly from Windows Explorer.

But I guess it doesn’t matter anymore :grinning:

How about the option to backup / restore the menus? I’ve recently done a clean OS install and lost all my favourite folders.

Yes, it has been fixed.

This feature is being developed and will be available soon.

Updated to 5.00.2132 with some bug fixes. Please update.

Thanks for the update. I almost started thinking it won’t be released.

I found some problems.

  • Open some folder in Windows Explorer, type cmd, press enter. Cmd window pops out in the Listary’s folder in Program Files, whereas it should be started in the current folder.
  • Custom commands are executed in Listary’s folder in Program Files. Is it possible to create custom command so that it would start in current folder?

Hello Channing,

many thank for the new Listary 5 Version.

When Listary is running:

Ctrl+C / Ctrl+V do not work correct with DOpus.

F2 to Rename
Ctrl+C to Copy the Name in Clipbaord
Editor -> Ctrl+V to Paste the Name

Ctrl+C on a file
Ctrl+V to Copy (Duplicate) the file

I use the Shortkey win + - to open the Listary Symbolbar, when i pressing win + - to open the Listary Symbolbar the Miracast Dialog in Windows 10 was open additionally. (Project to a connected Screen)

In Listary 4 there was a hotkey to run an Application, in Listary 5 i don’t found a hotkey to run a Application, can you please add a Hotkey to run an Application in Listary 5?

Thank You

Sorry for my bad Englisch


Sorry I can’t reproduce this. What’s the “current folder” path? Does this happen to all folders?

I’ll fix this one soon.

Sorry I can’t reproduce this bug. Please check the following places if you’ve set Ctrl+C as a hotkey in Listary accidentally:

  • Options - Hotkeys
  • Options - Actions
  • Options - Menus

I can confirm this. I will look into it soon.

It’s been merged with the main hotkey. You can use the main hotkey (or double-ctrl) directly.

What’s the “current folder” path?

C:\ for example.

PS. Windows 10 x64

Hello Channing,

thank you for your answer.

Sorry I can’t reproduce this bug. Please check the following places if you’ve set Ctrl+C as a >hotkey in Listary accidentally:
•Options - Hotkeys
•Options - Actions
•Options - Menus

I will do this soon and give you a answer.

I found the mistake.
In Options - Actions was the Hotkey Strg+C for Copy activated. Now it will works.
Thank you.

It’s been merged with the main hotkey. You can use the main hotkey (or double-ctrl)

I know but it is possible to create a extra Hotkey for this Feature.

Many Thanks


Hello Channing,

one Question please. When I use the Device Manager to Change a Driver for a Device, Listary will open it own Search. How can i disable this.

I attached a screenshot to illustrate

Many Thanks


Thanks for the feedback. I’ll look into this.

Hello Channing,

when i use

•New: Press Ctrl twice to show/hide Listary. Very very handy!

too Show Listary in DOpus or Windows Explorer

Listary was open, but when i use Ctrl twice again Listary will Change his postion and size.

After ctrl twice Listary will be hide.

First Ctrl twice

Second Ctrl twice

Third Ctrl twich
Listary will be hide


This is by design. The second time you press Ctrl twice, Listary switches to launcher mode.

Nice. I like that beta :smile:

Some suggestions:
In ABC Keywords, Web tab: It would be nice if I could choose the web browser the keyword is starting with.
Is there a way to add custom columns into the search result? so that I for example add the “Date modified” column and can sort quickly for the newest file on top?
I miss (simple) regex in the search field

What I especially like:

  • mkdir - verrry cool
  • the Custom tab in ABC Keywords… especially the checkbox “Run as administrator”
  • error reporting :wink:


I understand this as feature to launch apps, for example, from inside Directory Opus, without having to press Ctrl twice to open it, then Ctrl twice to change to launcher. It could be useful to have a hotkey again to open straight to launcher. What do you think?