Need suggestions about hotkey of Listary!

Continuing the discussion from Listary 5 Beta (5.00.2133):

I’ve thought a lot about this during the development of Listary 5 and haven’t found an ideal solution yet.

Listary has 2 modes:

  1. Activate Listary in a file manager and Listary will open a folder within it.
  2. Use Listary as a launcher. Listary can search apps and websites in this mode.

If we use only 1 hotkey, sometimes we have to switch between these 2 modes manually (i.e. when we’re in a file manager and we want to launch apps). But if we use 2 hotkeys, we have to remember 2 hotkeys, we cannot use the most convenient double-Ctrl for both, and we need to think which one to use when we want to activate Listary.

Do you guys have some good ideas?

How about having just one hotkey, when Listary toolbar is open, pressing TAB to change between the 2 modes, also having an option to always open the toolbar in a specific mode. That sounds good for me,
Off-topic: In the lastest beta, Directory Opus compatibility (I mean the list for current tabs) is very unstable. Sometimes doesn’t list all the tabs until you activate the ones that are not in the list in DOpus. Also can you just implement a filter for listed tabs? Some like collections or archives opened as folders doesn’t have utility apart from DOpus.

Just brainstorming…
Is some type of “context sensitive” feasible?
For example, if the mouspointer is located on/above an explorer window, Listary acts in file manager mode.
(Might even do that when the window itself is not activated… I would like that…)

If the mouspointer is on the desktop or whatever makes sense, Listary acts as launcher

I guess you get the idea.

…ah, and by the way…
I am using double-Ctrl already for X1 (a search as you type tool) installed on my system. Unfortunately, double-Ctrl cannot be remapped on that software.
Would be good if one could use another double tap key instead…

SHIFT-SHIFT is usually sticky shift in windows, But I have switched it off. So double-shift would work too.
I personaly never use CapsLock and have it switched off (no function)

I propose you might want to allow to choose from:

I’m getting used to this new behavior of Listary, and I like it as well.

In my opinion, the best function would be like this:

In desktop: keep it as it is now in v5. It works just fine (use as a Launcher, unless you press space to search files).
In file manager: Keep it as it is now, as well. I takes some time to get used to is for launching apps, but it works. BUT, my suggestion is add another hotkey, separate from this behavior, that would launch Listary straight to Launcher, instead of file search. This way, people who would like to have an extra shortcut can enable it, and people who prefer to have a single one can leave it disabled.

This is how it should be, in my personal opinion. But as I said, I got used to the new way and got it to work just fine for me in my workflow.

Instead of pressing Double-Ctrl twice, I first type what I want to launch, open the search as you type window, then press double-ctrl, making a Launcher box with my search already typed. It works =)

Thanks again!

I’ll look into it.

Thank you all very much for the input!

I came up with this one inspired by @raziel024:

There is still only one hotkey: double-Ctrl.

If you’re within a file manager, after pressing Ctrl twice to activate Listary, you can press Ctrl once again to switch to the launcher mode. So if you’re not sure, you can always open the launcher directly by pressing Ctrl 3 times in a row.

I like it! Thanks!

Personally I think the CTRL+SPACE hotkey for Listary is much more convenient. The double tapping of CTRL doesn’t seem to be detected as reliably (perhaps I’m inconsistent with my tap speed) but hitting CTRL+SPACE feels very convenient to me.

Personally, I’m in agreement that using TAB to switch between the two modes (launcher vs index) is a nice way to differentiate the two, though themes should very clearly indicate WHEN we’re in which mode.

LaunchBar has been in development for two decades and many good examples could be picked up there. Much more sophisticated and well thought out than Alfred in my opinion.

I use Windows button+y and Windows button +j. I unchecked press ctrl twice. I have always been using these keys and they just work perfectly. No problem with other Windows hotkeys.


since the 1511 upgrade of windows 10 windows key + j doesn’t work anymore!

I prefer and have used Alt+Space with other application launchers for a long time. For me it feels best because basically when typing your thumbs are right there. I am currently unable to use it with Listary though.


Alt+Space is definitely the ideal shortcut for a launcher, however, every version of Windows since 95 or 3.11 has claimed Alt+Space for opening the window shortcut menu. Personally, I think that menu only comes in handy when my mouse or touchpad has some sort of problem.

Windows also claims Win+Space for the input language/input method selection window, and doesn’t give us an easy way to remap that one either.

Until there is an easier way to override Windows default hotkeys, I think Ctrl+Space makes for next best option.


Well, I have tried several other applications which are able to use Alt+Space. For example I have used Launchy (which is made with Qt, same as Listary) for a long time on multiple computers. I always used Alt+Space. I have also tried this myself, using C# invoking RegisterHotKey and UnregisterHotKey from user32.dll, and it works like a charm.

I prefer a hotkey only for a launcher mode and another one only for the disk search mode.

Substituted WIN+J for WIN+;
Works like charm in Windows 10!

Just an idea, but how about holding the key for the launcher and double tapping for the path search? Switching between the two modes would still be possible.

I have the default Windows key disabled and use it as a modifier on my system.
This is how it would work in my mind:

Winkey 2x Taps = Listary Path Search
Winkey Hold (after +0.750ms, no release) = Listary Launcher

The only issues I can think would be if someone used Ctrl as the hotkey - holding Ctrl when using Ctrl+C/V for copy/paste might trigger the launcher.

Another good hotkey is F1 - it’s universally used in applications as the Help file… but it’s pretty redundant as there’s almost always a Help system menu in all applications!

Holding a key to activate Listary sounds pretty cool! I’ll test how it performs in real life.