XYplorer & Listary's quick switch

Quick switch is THE MAIN reason (and actually the only reason) why I bought and am using Listary.
Below I have a suggestion for an improvement for Listary for the following 2 reasons:

reason 1) As stated elsewhere in the forum, for quick switch to work with XY, XY’s address bar needs to be visible. (That’s how it behaves with me too.)

reason 2) Special folders, like the user’s base folder, Desktop, Downloads, … are NOT shown in XY’s address bar as their FULL path. Therefore quick switch does not work with these folders in XY. (The full path could be extracted with an XY command, though, without either of the 2 problems while XY’s list view or tree view has fucus.)

For these 2 reasons I suggest that Listary should contain, besides the default way (as it is now), also a user defineable way to extract the path from the file browser. Maybe an exe to be called (e.g. created with AHK or AutoIt) or whatever (details to be named by you, Channing). This would also be more flexible in case of future changes in XY or any other file browser. Please? :sunglasses:

Thanks for your suggestion. I do have a similar plan which allows users to add custom file manager support to Listary. You will need to provide the following information:

  1. How to detect the file manager (e.g. by window title or exe file name).
  2. How to get/set folder path in the file manager.

Of course you can also add your customized XYplorer as a new file manager, and Listary will work smoothly with it again.

Thx for ur reply.
Regarding “2. How to get/set folder path in the file manager.”… I think that is the key point. How could that be realized? I think specifying some “EditNN” box will not be good enough. E.g. in XY that would not really solve my problem. What is ur idea, Channing, if I may ask?

I’ll try to persuade the developers of these file managers to add some kind of hidden address bars. These address bars will be used specifically for interprocess communication (so not only Listary, but also all your AHK scripts can use them). They should be invisible, always available, and showing the real folder path.

Since recently (v17.00.0000) XYplorer has a new feature called Live Filter, which is activated/deactivated in XYplorer via Window>Show Live Filter Box. This feature is very handy, so mostly I want to have Live Filter Box visible in XYplorer at all times.

I am using Listary (portable and not pro) mostly only for easily switching File Dialogs (by having Listary running and then switching between a File Dialog and XYplorer).

As far as I can tell, when Live Filter Box is visible in XYplorer, the Listary’s support of it fails. As soon as Live Filter Box is made invisible (by Ctrl-F3), Listary’s support again works as expected. I have tried this with the following Listary versions:


There is also a short thread about this in XYplorer forum, but I do not think it will be of much help:


Maybe there is a chance of handling this. When not, then the workaround with switching Live Filter Box off still remains.

Fixed now :sunglasses:

Mine still doesn’t work with the Live Filter Box visible (if I turn off the Live Filter Box, it all works as expected).

I’m using the latest beta of XY, and v5.00.2381 of Listary Pro. I saw in the XY forum that all of the pieces should be there to enable this to work, but it sounds like it’s not quite finished (or am I missing something?).

Please let me know if there’s something else I should be doing.



The fix hasn’t been released yet.

Ah, good to know. Looking forward to it!

Thanks for the update!


Hi, has the fix been added to latest ver 5.00.2410 ?
Quick switch is not working at all with this version, even with XY’s live filter off.

Hi, the address bar of XYplorer must be visible.

Yes address bar is visible, tried hiding and turning it visible again. no change. :frowning:

as I said above…
1st) It should not have to be that way that the AB needs to be visible. It also should work without it.
2nd) Even more important, it still does not work with special folders… Links folder, Downloads, Documents, User folder, …
Sorry, but it is not good enough this way. Since I opened this thread, NONE of the 2 reasons for opening it was changed, not even speaking of fixed.

@tejaskolte @autocart

I’ve already implemented a robust way to get/set the current folder path in XYplorer without interacting with the address bar. It’ll be available in the next release.

That good to hear!! Untill then switching back to v4…

Quote: “It’ll be available in the next release.”

Oh, ok, sorry. I saw that but did not realize that it was not yet released meanwhile.
Guess, I am spoiled by the often releases of XY.

I am still having problems with listary (pro) and xyplorer (pro) integration. Any news about the update?

Please give this version a try: http://www.listary.com/download/beta/ListaryBeta2465.exe

Yeaj!!! Cool, XY support seems to work now as it should!
Quick Switch works now even with hidden address bar and it seems that also special folders work now.
THANK YOU, for releasing this Beta at last, Channing!!

Thank you! Great work again Channing! Waiting for Listary 6 :wink: