XYplorer & Listary's quick switch

oddly version 4 works with XYplorer 17.90. but not version v5.00.2581

any news of the version 6?

I am using XYplorer 18.00 and 18.10 Quick Switch is not working on Network Mapped Drive. Can this be fixed?

Maybe it’s caused by the path format. I’ll checked.

Hi Channing,

I have upgraded to Win10 and found that Network Mapped Drive can work with Listary Quick Switch function. It still doesn’t work with XYplorer 18.90.0100 but it does work when the path is a UNC path. Are we able to get a quick fix on this?

Can you list some network drive paths that don’t work?

Say if I mount \server.name\documents\ or \server_ip\documents\ to V:
The V:\ in XYplorer won’t Quick Switch with my browser when I upload a file in my browser (Chrome or Firefox).
The V:\ in Windows File Manager successfully Quick Switch in my browser.

If I use a direct link to open the \server.name\documents\ or \server_ip\documents\ in XYplorer, it will also trigger a successful Quick Switch in my browser.


Quick switch is again not working with XYplorer. Is there any solution to this?
Working on windows 10.

I’ll check if it’s caused by some XYplorer updates.