With Windows 11 tabs feature

After the new update of windows 11 where they added tabs to explorer. Listray opens folder in new window not in a new tab. I don’t know if it’s windows problem, but I hope it’s solvable.

You will have to wait a long time.
No one currently has any detailed info about that new Explorer feature,
not even any command line switches are known.
Also there is no option in Explorer itself to set tabs as default mode.
The god news is that all 3rd party file managers already have tabs
and they are supported by Listary.

Damn it. I uninstalled QTTabBar too soon(

Works fine for me. Granted I use Startallback on Windows 11. Didn’t work for at first, but after the latest Listary beta update, it did.

We’re working on this. Microsoft hasn’t provided docs about changing this behavior yet, and we’re still doing some research.

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