Option to open folders as New window

Can’t find this option.
Old version had loads of options. now there are practically none…
When i use listary to open a folder, I’m usually finding the folder into which i wish to drag files from my downloads folder. So when listary replaces my downloads folder with the selected file, it is irritating.
How can i change this behaviour, so folders found in listary open as new windows.

You can change the command line Listary used to open folders. Which file manager are you using?

Define Open with like this
/separate, %1%

thanks for your advice. I’m not a programmer, so a bit confused.

Did you mean like this:


because that’s not working for me…
(yes i am using explorer)

it’s ok. i worked it out

like this works:

Thanks SO MUCH for that. Much more efficient!

Glad to helped.
For me, my suggested entry works.

It did it only for testing as I normaly use Total Commander
which gives much more control by using command line switches.
I don’t like new windows but tabs.

Windows 11 Home x64 Version 22H2 (OS Build 22621.2361)
Listary Pro