Searching for a Project shows "Get Listary Pro" as first selection

I have defined a project folder with the shortcut “d3m” (without the quotes).
When I type “d3m” into an explorer window, Listary shows my project folder
as the second option, the first being “Get Listary Pro Now”.

So, to get to my project, I have to type “d” “3” “m” “down” “enter”.

I would really like to save the last two key presses here. Listary should jump to the project folder
as soon as I enter its shortcut.

Perhaps this behaviour can be added as an option?

that’s simple, just “Get Listary Pro Now”. :slight_smile:

The Pro version appears to have the same behaviour.

Get a real Pro version instead of a cracked version :slight_smile:

hi, eventhough I am not sure if I need the pro features, I would like to buy as I love the functionality of the program and I appreciate your work to provide as a freeware a great program better than the shareware competition (i.e. directfolders), but although I choose to pay by paypal it still requires big amount of info to register, why can’t I just pay by paypal without disclosing my address, my phone etc?

It’s to prevent fraud. Unfortunately, because there are a lot of dishonest people in the world payment processors require certain identifying information to ensure fraud doesn’t take place.

Also, don’t know if it is appropriate to advertise this, but occasionally Channing offers Listary Pro on BitsDuJour at a generous 50% discount. It might be worth your while to lurk and wait for a sale.

Thanks for clarifying, I can proceed without waiting for discount as I like the policy of free lifetime updates and use pro in all my PCs.