‼ Please update to Listary manually if you're using beta

Hi Everyone,

We’re just released the stable version of Listary v6.2.0.42. Due to an auto updater bug, if you’re using the previous beta version, please update it manually. Sorry for the inconvenience :sweat_smile:

Download link: https://www.listary.net/download/Listary.exe

P.S. listary.net is our new CDN accelerated mirror of listary.com


Thanks for the stable version. I have a question, I have updated to the stable version from beta and I want to go back to beta How can I download old versions of Listary 6? I need the beta version that I have mentioned please. :pray:

What is worse with version
compared to ?

will file managers integration be implemented in v6 like in v5 [search as you type “xplorer2 + xyplorer + etc”].
also will v6 browser bookmark feature be coming “search/launch bookmarks”?
thx for the great work

No worries, I guess now everyone of the Pro users is checking here regularly, just keep them coming, please, with more features, and especially those who’ve been in high demand.

I hope AI is helping you right now in your development effort, and is part of your workflow

Also, I hope there are plans to add some AI to Listary to do certain things better.


HI, I already paid for the PRO version but I never received the licences, I even checked the email box for the Palpay that I paid for the PRO but nothing found, how can I get the licences?

recommended to send an email directly to support@listary.com
Contact – Listary

please fix korean language typing last word problem
when i type last word program ignore one

Have you got a new update coming up? Since my last windows update, the only way to launch Listary seems to be by pressing CTL twice. It no longer works in Windows file manager at all, especially since they launched tabbed explorer windows.

What version do you run ?
Find as you type works fine here with Listary
in the actual release version of Windows 11, even with tabs in Explorer.

Windows 11 Home x64 Version 23H2 (OS Build 22631.2861)
Listary Pro