Path with action, variant of "{action_path}" and "{action_path:parent}"


I know “{action_path}” or “{action_path:parent}” could be used to invoke customized action. But I want a mixture of the two, which selects

  • “{action_path}” if “{action_path}” is a directory
  • “{action_path:parent}” if “{action_path}” is not a directory

Maybe the name could be “{action_path:directory}”??

Using cmd as example

Keyword: cmd
Name: Open cmd here
Path: cmd
Parameter: /k cd “{action_path:directory}”

Listary Pro
Version 5.00.2843


No problem. I’ll add a parameter for directory.


I’m also trying to add an “Open cmd in current path” action, is this feature available now?


I’ll add this in the stable version of Listary 6.