Path with action, variant of "{action_path}" and "{action_path:parent}"

I know “{action_path}” or “{action_path:parent}” could be used to invoke customized action. But I want a mixture of the two, which selects

  • “{action_path}” if “{action_path}” is a directory
  • “{action_path:parent}” if “{action_path}” is not a directory

Maybe the name could be “{action_path:directory}”??

Using cmd as example

Keyword: cmd
Name: Open cmd here
Path: cmd
Parameter: /k cd “{action_path:directory}”

Listary Pro
Version 5.00.2843

No problem. I’ll add a parameter for directory.

I’m also trying to add an “Open cmd in current path” action, is this feature available now?

I’ll add this in the stable version of Listary 6.

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I understand that Listary6 is still beta now. Since there’s no update details between beta versions (I’m using beta, and get updated as soon as there’s a newer version), So I hope you don’t mind me asking, is there any news on this topic?

You can find the update detail here.

As for how to open command line in certain folder, currently I use Cmder which has an option to open in the current folder. See here on how to set up Cmder to start at a certain directory. After setting it up, you can search a folder in Listary, then use Ctrl + O to bring up the contextual menu to open start a command line in the folder selected (see image below).

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Thanks for the update detail. I never scrolled that far, only saw that data “2018-12-10”, then skipped.

This variable hasn’t been added yet. It may be added in the stable version of 6.

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So if there an workaround to this? THIS IS A MUST-HAVE FEATURE

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Not yet, I’m afraid.