Not sure whether it is a bug showing as ..exe

Windows 11 x64

The file extension shows two dots with exe. Please check the screenshot.

I noticed this too on Windows 10. It wouldn’t show .exe files when you went to the appropriate folder, but it would allow you to paste in a link to the full path of an .exe file. I think it is a bug and hopefully gets fixed.

I noticed that a new version has been released, but this issue hasn’t been fixed yet.

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This issue hasn’t been fixed in version

Sorry for the late reply. Will fix it in the next version.

Looks like this issue has been fixed. Thanks very much!

Not yet in the latest version

I downloaded the new beta version and it seems to work there.

I will test it once the final version is released. Thanks for your info,

Then you have a long time to wait.
There are so many functions still not implemented in beta 6,