No Listary feature in some "Open folder" dialogs


Here’s a few softwares Listary 4/5 both doesn’t support:

  • 7-Zip 15.14: 7zFM.exe (64-bit version)
  • SourceTree 1.8.3: SourceTree.exe (written in C#) (taskmgr.exe shows it as a 64-bit program)

But another x64 program “bootice.exe”, which I think is written in C++, is well-supported by Listary.
Besides, Listary works on my Notepad++ x32 on Windows 10 x64.


works for me


Well, I don’t know why, but Listary Pro 5.00.2177 (registered) does not works with 7-Zip / SourceTree on Win 10 x64 - although the same version of Listary (unregistered) works well with them on my Windows 8.1 x64 platform.

  • I also find it doesn’t matter whether Listary.exe is running at administrator privilege.
  • my Win 10 is an Education edition running on a laptop with Intel i5, and Win 8.1 is a Pro edition running on a PC
  • I’m using the same versions of 7-Zip / SourceTree on them


Update: The problem is located: Listary can not inject itself into those executable files whose path involve more than one disk partitions, which I think can be called a bug, and I’ll open another issue to declare it in detail.

BTW, On Chrome I’m not allow to modify my last reply: the error is “405 only GET, HEAD and POST are allowed”, and the real HTTP request is using “PUT”.


FindIt 5

Is it possible to get here the Listary Toolbar.


That’s a highly-customized dialog and it’s hard to support. My suggestion is that you don’t open that dialog, simply press Ctrl twice to activate Listary, search, press Ctrl + Shift + C to copy a search result path to clipboard, then Ctrl + V there.



in the last version of AIMP, with dialog window of “Add folder” - no Listary


This is also a custom dialog and Listary can’t support it. Just use the trick I mentioned above to paste the path there.