No Listary feature in some "Open folder" dialogs



I have some open folder dialog without Listary functionality

For example…

DWG DXF Converter -

PDF to DWG Converter -

and here two screenshots…

It is possible to get the Listary toolbar (or buttons in the titlebar) in this window?

Thank you



the same in Listary himself :wink:


I’m testing these applications now.

P.S. It’s by design that Listary doesn’t work on itself, otherwise some very weird bugs will appear…


another application without Listery toolbar

Audio Dedupe Pro – Duplicate MP3 Finder Tool

I hope you can find a solution. :slight_smile:



Another program that has this problem: Notepad++. When using “Find in files” functionality.



in a German application (called Powerbird)
Listery doesn’t work - but there is no demo version available.

Can I test something for you?

Other “save as/open”-tools seem to have no problem with that - but some of them don’t work under Win7/Win8 anymore

Driver Genius -

<img src="/uploads/default/105/9c28cbe4ab127c23.png" width="690" height="365"> 


I hope you can figure out that problem ;)



I’m working on fixing compatibility with some of those dialogs. However is it possible that some of these applications are running as administrator?



thanks for the info :slight_smile:

no, none of this programs are run as administrator.



another program where Listary will not work…

MegaView 2014 32-Bit + MegaView 2014 64-Bit



Here are some updates (the fixes will be shipped in next version of Listary):

  • Notepad++ “Find in files”: Fixed.
  • DWG DXF Converter & PDF to DWG Converter: No trial version available, but I believe it should have been fixed.
  • Driver Genius: Download link doesn’t work, but I believe it should have been fixed.
  • Powerbird: Not tested.
  • Audio Dedupe Pro & MegaView: Even though they look like file dialogs, they are not. They are normal application windows. It’s not easy for Listary to support them.


thanks for your work :-).
Here the download links for the applications…

PDF to DWG Converter - .
Download Free trial: .

PDF to DWG Converter - .
Download Free trial: .

Driver Genius .
Download Free trial: .



Thanks for the links. And yes, all these 3 have been fixed!



great to hear that.




thanks for the new beta :slight_smile:

It it possible to highlight the selected folder?

here in Filebox eXtender

Thank you


Aha, here is the reason: when you click Listary toolbar, it takes the input focus and the folder dialog becomes inactive. So if you click the folder dialog again, you’ll notice the folder is actually highlighted.

I’ve already fixed this by letting Listary activate the folder dialog automatically after opening a folder.


ah, thanks for that :slight_smile:



sometimes I have no Listary Toolbar after “Save as…” till I bring this windows in focus
(see animation)


Listary-Toolbar over all other windows…



This is a known issue that happens sometimes. The toolbar may be shown under/above some windows incorrectly. I haven’t find a way to fix it yet.



please can you check it?

X-Mouse Button Control 2.11 beta 2

Open Settings ➔ Settings ➔ Advanced ➔ Log File Folder ➔ …


Thank you


Folder Menu has a feature where the user can add support for dialogs and apps themselves. Here is a description of how it works: