Live search results for Wikipedia, Google, etc

Whenever I hop off my Mac and use Windows I cringe because it still lacks certain things I can do in Alfred and LaunchBar on Mac.

I’ve tried many launchers on Windows (Wox, Launchy, etc.) and only one will perform live search results (Jarvis) with Wikipedia and Google but I’ve found Jarvis to be very limited otherwise. I’ve seen it requested for years on these forums for Listary. Will that ever happen for Listary?

Here’s how it works with LaunchBar:

With Launchbar I can see live results as I search for items. For example:


I can simply hit the down arrow key to the result I want, then hit enter and go to it.

Will this handy feature ever be available for Listary?

Listary 6 beta works as you expected, see the picture

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That’s great news, thank you for the update! I’ll see if I can find the beta now!

edit: going to test it now. Yay!

If I can get this to work I’ll be purchasing Listary to help support development. Been wanting to make Windows as productive as Mac for many years now and looks like Listary will be a huge step towards that goal.

you can check the beta version at: Listary 6 Beta 🎉
download link:
have fun

Currently I would not purchase a Listary license as it looks like a dead product for me.
I have a Life-time license but the latest beta is much to long ago and the Author doesn’t
respond in this forum for several month.

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