ListaryHook64.dll "used" by totally different processes

Hi Channing,

I noticed that a couple of processes (not even the same ones always) seem to be “using” the ListaryHook64.dll. I have Listary portably on a removeable drive and even though I have exited Listary, the drive cannot be removed because some other processes still use this dll, which of course is located on the drive, being part of the portable version.


  1. Why would that happen in the first place? Those processes seem to be completely unrelated to Listary, sometimes those are system related processes but sometimes those are even normal user-installed programs like Firefox, VistaSwitcher and others.
  2. How can I avoid that in the future?

Regards, S.


  1. Listary 5 uses a global hook to detect windows like file dialogs. So if the app contains a file dialog, it may load ListaryHook64.dll automatically.
  2. I’ve made some fundamental changes in Listary 6. You can give it a try: Listary 6 Beta 🎉

Ok, thank you for replying.
Regards, S.