Listary result menu closes after opening 1 file

after i search for ABC (as an example)

search result list will show:

so far normal, however if I wish to open all 4, it becomes a problem because I will need to search 4 times, because once I open ABC.txt the result list closes forces me to search again.

what I wish:

  • open file with middle mouse button that leaves the result list open so I can open multiple files, and then I can manually close the result list myself.
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@channing please help!! is this feature currently available? or will it be added in the future release please answer

Hi, this feature is not available at the moment. I’ll consider adding it.

If you’re using Listary 6, you can press UP after opening the search window to reuse your last search query.

Hi Channing.
I second this request. I find myself many times in need of it. Pressing up to reuse the last search is useful, but it might be more convenient if we could open multiple results with the middle mouse button or ctrl+left click (like browser tabs).

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I’ll find a way to keep the result list open.

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Another case i just experienced where this might be useful: i searched for the name of an artist, and i wanted to use the action “Add to Windows Media Player list” for 5 results, so i had to repeat the search 5 times. So maybe some key press (shift?) used with an action doesn’t close the result list?

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I see. I’ll check if it’s possible to also support actions.

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