Listary for mac

We have so many file searcher in the mac ecosystem.
None come close to listery. The integration with explorer is handy at many times. Especially when you are looking to upload a file.

Does anyone knows any alternative for listary in MAC(since it is not there in mac ecosystem)


Why not using Spotlight ?

Maybe you can look into Launchbar or Alfred. I’m not using Mac, so I cannot vouch for them, but other Listary user told that Launchbar is the closest thing to Listary that MacOS has.

I use both Mac and PC and I actually found Listary because I was looking for a PC alternative for Default Folder on the Mac. Now it depends what you use Listary for but I was looking for a program that would allow me to quickly navigate on my file system on the PC, and Listary is perfect for that. If that is the functionality that you are looking for, then Default Folder is a fabulous program. However, Listary has other functions as well and depending which ones you are looking for, there are other programs on the Mac that can do that as well. In the old days there was “Quicksilver”, but the suggestions mentioned by others above like Alfred and Launcher probably fit the bill. Of course Spotlight can also do the job but maybe lack the bells and whistles.

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Basically I am looki g for text search feature that we get in the bottom of a window when we use listary, do we have one in the one you are suggesting?

@Flip listary allows us to navigate in open or save as dialog bix using the keyboard. That us we can type and get to the directory a d save or open the item, deafault folder doest have that fuzzy search where we can just type the name of file and get to the directory

Or am I missing it.
Let me know.

Waiting for your reply.

There are few options. Default Folder has numerous ways to find files and folders, including a search field right in the dialog box. In terms of keyboard shortcuts, if you go in preferences, you can see a whole range of shortcuts (you can customize the shortcut key); also on the Mac, you can also create your own shortcuts by application. The two programs are different, each have certain features that the other does not but they both work very well for my applications. In my experience, Default Folder is much easier to use “out of the box”. Also, I currently have problems with Listary where it does not remember recent files/folders after reboot. (To get around that problem, I added “Recent Folders” to my favorites.)

Thanks flip.

So basically My work flow is like this, I create files (images, videos, gifs) and while I save them I just remember thier name while saving and in the other desktop, where I have to upload I open the open dialog box and in listary there is a search box in the bottom I just type the first few letters and it comes up.

It is really handy.

I tried default box but the search option came after some keyboard shortcut rather than attached to the open dialog boz or may be I missed something.

Also I am not a mouse person, I like to remain on keyboard, default box had many options but it looked like a lot of mouse movement to me.

Would be grateful if you could guide on this.