Listary 6 Beta 🎉

With the difference in time-zones Channing may be unaware of our posts. Hopefully he will be able to get a fix for “The find as you type” not working in Explorer. It’s a fundamental part of the app and now that it’s not working it makes me realize just how much I use it depend on it! Hopefully we will get a fix soon.

I too looked to download the previous version but couldn’t find an option to do so. It would be a good idea to have the previous version available so that in a situation of a major bug we can revert back to a working copy of the program.

Guys, Channing said had been withdrawn due to reported issues. I don’t know if that means you can simply update from to because I solved my problem earlier by replacing the the program files with those of in my system backup and also the config files in %APPDATA%\Listary. Everything works normally as before.

I guess updating from an older version works too. I have an intaller for that, but unfortunately uploading this type of file is not authorized. So I’ve shared it through a torrent and this is the magnet link:


It’s my first time and I’m not sure I’ve done it right. Have a try.

Unfortunately I am not able to download. Is it possible to upload this file on any sharing site?


I’m not familiar with file sharing sites but I’ve found one which is easy to use. This is the download link.

Looks like all is fixed with update today

Re. Listary-equivalent app on Mac. The answer is spelled Launchbar. It is the only app worthy of a comparison to Listary. It’s the app I missed the most when moving to Windows. The overhyped Alfred app is by far inferior, main difference being that Launchbar searches are fuzzy and it allows for abbreviating your search results. It’s also very adept at learning what you’re searching for. I think I read that it uses an algorithm called frecency (sort of a mix between recent and frequent) that makes it more intelligent than other launchers.

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I am a HUGE Listary fan, and I want to believe, but I am very skeptical that these recent updates and posts are actually by Channing. I think it’s more likely someone else has taken over Channing’s account, which leaves me gun-shy to download any new updates at this point. Here’s my rationale:

  1. Why are posts only being offered in Chinese, when Channing always participated in English on the discussion board as well?
  2. Why are there no recent posts related to this new v6 development on either of the official Twitter accounts associated with Listary?

No one would be more thrilled than me about a re-emergence of development on Listary by Channing…I sing this software’s praises every chance I get! But for now I’m taking a “wait and see” approach until there’s more evidence that this is legit.

@Channing, if you’re reading this, please provide us with more evidence that your identity has not been stolen. This could be done with posts to the two Twitter accounts, which likely have different security credentials.

Crossing my fingers and hoping this is for real!


Also the publisher/signing keys for the setup have changed which unfortunately adds to this suspicion.

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Channing’s response regarding this Status update and roadmap of Listary from Channing - #4 by mdonatas

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Heya @Channing, I just wanted to leave a nice message and say that I love the new features and seriously respect the amount of effort that went into re-writing the entire app. Listary 6 is good and thank you for continuously making it better!


I updated to version It is working OK.
I’m not sure of the changes.

Edit: I found the thread for this release here.

Update changelog (translated from here)

Listary now supports full spelling!

The long-awaited full spelling feature is here, beta channel will automatically detect the update, other users can manually download the update here:

Support for Quanpin* keyword search


Supports for Quanpin* fuzzy search


Mixing keywords and full spelling for Quanpin* is also supported


Welcome to our new friend Chaoses-Ib to join the Listary R&D team, the development speed of Listary will be on a new level.

*QuanPin is a simplified Chinese character input method for keyboards, which allows typing Chinese Pinyin characters by using up to six keystrokes

What about making release notes also in english.
Its a little cumbersome to use Google translate.

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Has anyone else found that the Listary popup menu is very intrusive since v6.0.11.35 Beta?
How do I tame it and make it like it used to be?

Listary Popup 01a

No change compared to previous versions.
For me its not intrusive at all.
Screenshot - 23.11.2022 , 10_23_58

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It could be related to web browsers.
I’ve tested this with Firefox, Chrome and Edge in Windows 11.

To reproduce. Right click on an image, and “Save image as”. The Listary popup (that I posted above) never leaves the screen, even after completing the save. You have to minimize the browser to make it disappear.

The above also applies for saving any download.

I tested with MS Edge and Firefox, no problems both behave correct.
The Listary Popup is removed after clicking the save button.

How do I set the default file manager in listary 6? At the moment folders open in Windows file explorer. Thanks

Which file manager do you want to use?

xyplorer, I want to open folders automatically there. Thanks