Listary 6 new launcher mode preview


I’ll check if it’s possible to find the mapping between different keyboard layouts automatically from Windows.


@Channing, when do you plan to release first stable version?


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When will the first stable release be released in your plan?


The beta version would be as usable and stable as the stable version after a few revisions. You don’t need to wait very long to use Listary 6 in production.

The final stable version would be pretty late because we need to work on many things that are not directly visible to the user: license system, encryption, auto updating, etc.


I can not waiting for it :grinning::grinning:


The JavaScript extensions functionality looks great and super-simple! Based on ./Sources/Extensions, you implement a search() and a preview() function. The only action I can see is “openUrl” to launch a browser when the item is selected; I don’t know how many other actions are supported.


What programming language is used for listary? C# .NET?



It will cover all the common use cases.


Listary <= 5: Mostly C/C++
Listary 6: C/C++ and C#


I have tried 2 type of listry6 preview. A little problem still exist as follow:

the calculated result of calculator gives makes a mistake when I want to use 1*pi

for example:
I can get the correct result of sin(pi/2)=1 as displayed in your pics
however, I can only get none result of sin(pi) , or sin(1pi)=sin(1*pi)=1.22460635382238E-16, which correct result should be ZERO.
I have to admitted that this result is very close to zero, but this 1.22460635382238E-16 may interfere the result of a complex equation.


Thanks. I’ll see if it’s possible to handle edge cases like this.


The download link is not working.
How can I test the beta version?


Use this one: