Listary 4 beta bug report & feature request

Listary 4 beta is out:

If you want to report a bug or request a feature, please don’t hesitate to post here or start a new thread.

Looking good. Like the ‘use path’ option on ‘add favourite’. Nod

As we have swapped emails on, could I again request alpha sort on (folders in) favourites. Either as a permanently selected option, or by use of a sort-now button, or any other method. Nod

For most menus, e.g. Tray Left Click menu, but probably not for folder names in favourites, can I suggest there is a reset-to-original option?
Can I also suggest that there be a dividing-line in the list of things that can be added to menus? Nod


Brand new (pro) user here today.

I was expecting Clover support in 4 beta but it does not work (i can’t even use it as I use Clover+Listary 3.x which is by excluding Clover from the supported applications in Listary)

Anyway, hope that before the final there can be full Clover support in Listary 4.



Thank you very much for your suggestions. The options dialog hasn’t been completed yet, and the dividing-line and “Restore to Default” button will definitely be added.

I’ll consider the sort menu option.


I’m sorry about it. Clover support is complicated as changes need to be made in both software. Fortunately Clover’s developer is very responsive and we’re keeping in touch (we exchanged 7 emails in the last few hours!) I’m sure we can figure this out!


Thanks for your effort, hopefully Listary can have full support for Clover

Keep up the excelent work!

Hi Channing - very impressed with the beta. The everything search integration is awesome! I think this may have been asked for above but what would be cool would be if folders showing up from everything searches listed separate to files in the display list, or maybe there was an option to only have folders show in everything search results as 99% of searches will be to save a file in a folder. Also as you said there might be - I noticed a bug where sometimes there is no response or a delay in the favourites or history button responding when you hover above it - I will give more feedback as I test the beta - also has find as you type been added in xyplorer now? Keep up the brilliant work!

I’m very excited that Dopus has supported in the Listary 4, but there are still some minor bugs.
1, it can’t save the language option, even you set to another language in the option, when you restart the Listary, it will back the default.
2, the default hot key win+w has been used by Windows 8 for search, could you put another default hot key.

I’ll add an folder only list.

Sorry that I haven’t figured out how to add find as you type to XYplorer yet.


  1. Fixed now. The next release will include the fix.
  2. I’ll change it. But it seems that not so many Win + * hot keys are left on Windows 8?

Hi Channing
The blinking problem with Adobe CS6 apps still exists in this release. Is there any chance of fixing it?

I’ve just fixed it. Please wait for the next release (early next week).

I can now see that my sorting request is complicated due potential addition of things other than folder-names to the favourite menu. Maybe the answer is to only allow sorting within options/menus/favourite and then only to the nearest divining line. That way users could bracket items for sorting by dividing lines, e.g. the menu below provides two areas that could be sorted.
Command Prompt
Show file extension


Sorry, empty comment added in error and I could not delete it, so I added this text. Nod

Hi Channing

Listary4beta looks fine! Eyerywhere Search is just great. Thanks for having added auto-extension to favorite folders! When will submenu functionality of Listary3 be available also in Listary4? Missing this desperately … ;-))

Best regards

That’s too complicated… I need to think about it.

Yes. It’ll be back very soon.

Is there an easy way to get my Listary3 favourites into the new beta ?