Insert a network path


How can I index a network path if it is not visible in network map? In Explorer the path is: \\GRP1$\Folder

Thank you


Unfortunately this is not supported at the moment. I’ll add it in future versions.


This is a terrible lack: I bought the paid version to index the network folders and now I find that it can’t to make this job. Please, please add the input field as soon as you can.


Thats not just adding a input field.
Network folders can not be indexed like the local NTFS based MFT.
There is at no place promissed to index network folders for the Pro version.
A tool which can do this is Everything.


These are the feature of the Pro version that mislead me in this context:

Index and search shared network folders
Index and search custom locations


It’ll be available in the next version.


Great news!

Thank you


Please, have you even a alpha/beta version with this feature?


Not yet. I’m still working on it.


News? I am waiting for this fundamental change to be able to use listary. Sorry but until now I have paid for nothing



It’ll be supported next week in Listary 6 beta. Thanks for your patience.


Great, thank you


It has been supported in the latest beta, please install or update: Listary 6 Beta 🎉


Thank you and happy new year!