How to go back to using > to search in other folders?

I’ve updated to 4.20.1487 and realize that the ‘>’ is no longer required by default to search in other folders.

Is there a way to go back to the old behavior, where listary would only search in the active folder, UNLESS the search is preceded with a ‘>’?

Thank you

Sorry that > is no longer supported. In the current version results from the active folder are always listed on top. There is nothing really different here.

What was the last version that supported it and where can I download it?
Thanks (Uninstall your current version first)

It’s an very old version released about one year ago. I don’t suggest you use it.

Hi Channing,

I’m sure more recent versions supported it as well.

I have been updating pretty much to every beta out there.

Everything worked until maybe a week or two ago…

That is the last version > really works. In the next few versions you can still enter >, but it has no effect at all. Trust me, the difference is unnoticable :smile:

All historical beta and stable versions of Listary are still downloadable (a beta version will be released as stable version if no bugs have been found within a few weeks). Just search Listary beta in this forum and test it yourself.

More precisely, > support was removed in version 4.01.1296, so 4.01.1237 should also work. That’s the latest you can get.

Actually it works in 02.1429 in the sense that it does not display results from other folders unless I use >

I got that one by experimentation.

Humm, I don’t think so. In 1429 I can always type notepad.exe to get the exe file located in Windows folder no matter what the active folder is.

Doesn’t work here. Which makes me perfectly happy :smile: