High cpu load when trying to open an app

When I’m trying to open an app (now support an unique hotkey which is great), the cpu load is about 10% which I think because of the search file background for it also list a bunch of the file that similar to the keyword.

I’m thinking it might be unnecessary to list all those things, just list the apps I have would be fine,no searching thing, with low cpu load and more faster to locate (now it has like 1 sec delay when you first typed in the app’s name). If I want to use the search thing, I will use another hotkey to activate the default listary function, like what it elsewhee, contains search, locate and what not.

Also, I’m thinking if there would be another hotkey to switch from all those classes that listary provide, like when I’m typing in things I can use that to switch from apps, projs, commands, etc. Instead of scroll down and down…

Hi, which version of Listary are you using? Have you tried the latest beta? Lots of improvements! Listary Beta 4.22.1679

Yeah, I’ve been using the latest beta version. That’s why we got a new hotkey for launching apps, isn’t it? :smile: