Directory Opus & Small UI! Listary 4.01 Beta (4.01.1175)

Hello guys,

This is the first beta of Listary 4.01. New features will be constantly added.

#####Download link


Portable version

#####What’s new in this version
Thanks to the amazing developers from GPSoftware, Listary can now fully support Directory Opus!

Please upgrade to the latest beta version of Directory Opus here.

A smaller UI is also available.

Screenshot below is of find-as-you-type in Directory Opus + Small UI.


#####Change log

  • New: Directory Opus find-as-you-type support
  • New: A small and compact UI is available
  • New: Toolbar width and height can be configured in Listary Options - Appearance
  • New: Shift + Tab to select previous item
  • Improved: Location bar (address bar) is no longer required to use Listary in Directory Opus
  • Improved: Update several language files
  • Fixed: Crash when click a toolbar button sometimes

Hi, works really-really nice, thanks for implementing.

Well as I used it, one question atm: as the first match is highlighted in dopus, the space key doesn’t go to listary toolbar but dopus receives the key? Can you check please?


Please download 4.01.1175. The link has been updated. Make sure ListaryHook*.dll is also updated if you’re using the portable version.

Fabulous to see the betas coming again :slight_smile:
Will install and test.

Small fonts and Directory Opus working great. Go to application folder works, but explore application folders goes to the path until it hits a space–goes to c:/program not C:\Program Files\GPSoftware\Directory Opus. My file manager path is C:\Program Files\GPSoftware\Directory Opus\dopus.exe. Parameter is %1.

I like the new compact UI.


Set Parameter to “%1” (with quotes)

Kudos for that! It works perfectly! Compact UI is also great.

A smaller UI is also available.

 Thanks too!

great update, but the find as you type window appears over DOpus on any charactor. DOpus has special charactors (>, ?, space, #, =, :, @) that perform different functions. Can you not bring up the filter box when these chars are initially pressed?

The chars are detailed here:!Documents/Findasyoutype_Field.htm

Thanks, Steve


This is hard to implement:

  1. Those characters can be changed by user.
  2. Some of them are used or will be used by Listary.

We need to find a better solution for this.

True. The one I usually use is ‘/’ (which I did not list above) which allows the user to goto a predefined folder (i.e. /mydocuments). In Listary, we can specify the global search char (>). Can you only bring up the popup on a [a-z0-9] char or the special Listary char?

In any case, if you are aware and investigation a solution, then I am happy!

How come dot already works as supposed?
Oh wait, I reconfigured dot in DOpus → Customize → Keys so for me it does

select none

set quickfilter

Maybe this is a path to solution?


Here is a solution I came up with. Assign a special char in Listary (: for example). When you press it, find-as-you-type will be disabled temporarily for that list, until:

  1. You press ESC once in that list.
  2. You switch input focus away from the list.

Would only bringing up the popup on a valid filename char or the special Listary char work?


I’m afraid not. At least 4 chars listed above have been reserved for new features of Listary on my to-do list. Too few left for DOpus :frowning:

So maybe try the other way.

I suggest a special char that would temporarily disable Listary, so if I want to use DOpus filters, I need to

  • press Listary special char to disable Listary’s find-as-you-type, eg. apostrophe. This causes Listary to ignore one next char, so DOpus can handle it

  • press DOpus special eg. slash to enter DOpus filter mode

  • now DOpus filter field has focus and key strokes are handled by DOpus; the next char typed in file lister is handled by Listary (apostrophe disabled Listary only for one key stroke).


Kudos for all the work you have done to make Listary a “must have the Pro version” application. Like several other contributors here, I am a long time Directory Opus user. Listary’s FAYT is a great addition but the conflict with Opus special characters is painful for dyed in the wool users like me. Daroc’s idea of a configurable escape character seems reasonable. Alternatively a configurable hotkey to suspend/reactivate Listary or suspend/reactivate Listary FAYT?


I’m working on this now.