Directory Opus 11 compability

DO 11 (still in beta) changed a bit way of handling breadcrumbs path field - now each lister has it’s own field. I believe that’s the reason why listary doesn’t’ work with newest DO.

Thanks for the information! I’ll test DO 11 soon.

I’m also finding that parts of Listary don’t work in DOpus 11. The Win+S seems okay, but either Win+G or Ctrl+G don’t work: for me, they both open the right-click context menu instead…

Oh, and the middle-click doesn’t work anymore either…

DOpus 11 officially released on 03/03/2014. Open/Save dialogs of Listary doesn’t work on the right lister of DOpus in dual display. It only recognizes opened folders on the left side.

It certainly does work for me.

It works now, it was fixed in newest 4.20.1539 ( Listary beta 4.20.1539 )

Yes; with the newest release it is working again :slight_smile: Thanks Channing!