Listary beta 4.20.1539

###Download link

###Change log

  • New: Directory Opus 11 support
  • New: FlashFXP support (temporarily)
  • New: Ctrl+Backspace support
  • Improved: Launch apps performance improvements
  • Improved: Left arrow key handling
  • Fixed: many bug and crash fixes

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Have to report an error.
When you press the left arrow key too many times listary will crash!

I noticed the following issues in the previous beta version and found it with the current one as well. Listary does not function/pop-up on the “Select File to Insert” or the “Save As” dialog windows. If there is a setting/option that I’ve overlooked to enable Listary on the dialog windows, please point me in the right direction. I’m running Listary Beta 4.20.1539 on Win 8 Pro 32 Bit.

Can you provide the detailed steps to reproduce this bug? I can’t reproduce it here.

  1. Does Listary show up on “Open File” dialogs?
  2. If you try Notepad, does Listary show up on its “Save As” dialog?

It seems to be fixed. I did this after i installed the latest version but i didn’t restart the system. I got a crash report and listary asked me to send it in.

It won’t crash anymore now i restarted the system.

Yes it does! For me at least on a windows 8.1 machine using the portable version.



补充下,是在 启动程序 模式下搜索进行的

D011 seems to work great once again, thanks!

除了上次提到的本版左右方向键反复多次后卖到的bug,一直比较好用,好像没有动作菜单消失问题了。相对,搜索列表、动作菜单 反应也比以前快了。

Sorry it took me a while to get back to you. Using Notepad, Listary works under the Save As and Open dialog windows. Also, I’m unable to insert any applications under the Options-By Application in Listary itself.

So what is the application that Listary doesn’t work with? Is it running as administrator?



1533已经更新了,确实体验不错,有时候就是随便试用几下就行了。我前段里由程序出错自动发了好多报告,不知道收到了吗,和我的提交的bug报告有关系 否。呵呵。

1、就是支持收藏夹网址关键字打开,支持将剪切板的网址快捷建立到此程序下的收藏夹并可加入关键字,可通过 输入web fc 回车 就用默认浏览器打开 www.facebook.com网站,其中 web产前缀,fc是这个网址的关键字。同时也支持快速建立。



Just a few questions or suggestion for the forum here, please?

  • Public Releases:
    I wonder if you would also “sticky tab” the Public Releases here? I keep up with the forum a lot, but when the last beta is the only one mentioned here, I don’t always see that there is a new version on the regular website.
    For example, the most current release seems to be .1553, right? but it doesn’t show the date for any of the release notes on the website. For me, it is easy to misunderstand issues and questions here on the forum because they are related to old versions.
  • More "current" documentation and FAQ Please?
    I would love to see some more documentation, FAQ, etc. for releases as well as updates for existing features, tips and tricks that are more up to date!!
    I have little issues now and again that don’t really warrant a support note, but I do wish I could look up in a “Help” file of some kind! For example, I use DirOpus Pro 11, and the release notes read as follows:

New: Search path
"Search Path
Add a trailing \ to a keyword to indicate that it’s part of the path."
Example: If you want to search notepad.exe in Windows folder, you can type win\note or win\ note or note win.

While the Search Path has the link with the explanation, none of the rest of the list have any details :frowning:

[> New: Launch applications (use hotkey Win + S or Win + G to switch between Launch Apps and normal mode)
New: Full NTFS hard link support
New: Directory Opus 11 support
New: Ctrl+Backspace support
Improved: Performance improvements
Improved: Listary Options layout
Improved: No more flickers when showing search results
Improved: Left arrow key handling
Fixed: many bug and crash fixes][1]

For example, I’d love to know more about what the DirOpus support, Ctrl+Backspace support, and Options Layout mean, just as an example! :smile:

Thanks so much for such an awesome program!! I just want to learn more about its uses, and the older videos you have definitely don’t go into the detail and current feature-list that I would love to see :smiley:


Thanks for your suggestions!

I’ve just created a topic for v1553, and will do this for all future versions. Listary 4.20.1553

Definitely. I’ll write a complete documentation for Listary.

Thank you! It’ll definitely help me a lot as I use FAQ and Help documentation frequently for those “indispensable” programs I use all the time – including, of course, Listary!!