Crash since installing DisplayFusion [6.05.16]

Listary 6.05.16
Windows 10 20H2

Today installed DisplayFusion, an app to help have more option with dual monitor setup. Since i installed i experienced quite a lot of crashes with Listary. Im not sure its related to this app though. But ive been runnin listary for a couple months now without any crashes.

Ive tried quiting DisplayFusion but i still see Listary crashing. I did do a Windows update last night.

below screengrab of the crash report.

Im kinda new to Windows, been on OSX for 17years. I know on OSX we have some kinda log app, we see all system events. So i thought perhaps its useful for you if i add the Windows system logs. I tried finding them, its a bit hard, the windows log event viewer is kinda wicked. Feels like something from the 90s.

Anyways, i found a couple items, hope they are helpfiul for you

I could not add the file, so i used filedropper

Keeps happening over and over today. To bad no one looks at these bug posts, what is the use then for them?

Ill still post it here, hope a dev sees this and it can help