Can you add a simple calculator function?


didn’t work for me either :frowning:


Strange. It works on all my Windows 10 machines.


Looking at your screenshots, you’re using an English version. Native versions (other language then English) might differ internally and might not perform the same as the English version. Cortana isn’t working for most native versions etc.

2nd of August the Redstone update is comming and might update things that didn’t work before.


I think that regardless of this, listary needs its own built in calc and math plugin.
It’s a too important feature to leave out.


You need to enable cortana to have that feature working in win10. I just checked, it wasn’t working for me, until I enabled cortana.

I have it disabled by default. I want to sell my data now, not give it for free :slight_smile:


if you have Python installed, you can create a calculator custom command, as follows.

In listary options, keywords, custom, add a new command by pressing +,
Give it a keyword and title, I used
Keyword: Calc, and
Description: Runs the calculation in the python interpreter and outputs to screen. Also launches Python interpreter for further commands
Then enter path:
and Parameter:
/c echo from __future__ import division; __builtins__._ = {query}; print _ > %TEMP%\ && python -i %TEMP%\

once you apply/save this, you can run a quick calculator as follows:
calc 1+1
calc (100-30) / 10

Once launched, you have the Python interpreter and can continue to calculate, including by referring to the previous calculation output, with underscore.

For example, from the previous example, you get:-


By entering _ + 3 you get the answer:

edit: Updated to take into account that division shouldn’t give a rounded up or down integer


i’d like to switch from launchy too, but i miss calc function. also dear author i don’t use win10


Calculator has been added in Listary 6. There is a screenshot here: Listary 6 new launcher mode preview


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Great! I was thinking on something along these lines, but you saved me the hassle. Thanks. Just a small change for those in Python 3: remember now print is a function, so the _ goes between parenthesis:

/c echo from __future__ import division; __builtins__._ = {query}; print (_) > %TEMP%\ && python -i %TEMP%\


Listary 6 has builtin calculator support. No need for the python hack.