Can you add a simple calculator function?

Can you add the simple calculator function without opening the calculator? like the spotlight search in Mac OS X. Only the simple ±*/ sqrt function needed. That would be very useful.

Here is the link for calculator function in spotlight!

Thank you.


Thanks for the suggestion!

Plugin support will be added in Listary 5. This feature will be implemented as a default plugin.


Channing said:
Thanks for the suggestion!

Plugin support will be added in Listary 5. This feature will be implemented as a default plugin.


It would be nice if you could support Launchy plugins.
There is a great calculator plugin for it called MathyResurrected:

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Added to my to-do list.

Great, thanks!

Yes i find that the math feature of launch is one of the main things I miss with listary. It’s really useful that I am thinking of writing an autohotkey script that automatically opens launch whenever i start typing numbers in listary.

I hope this feature gets built-in someday :smile:

Lots of expectations from Listary 5 :smiley:

I’m so excited about Listary 5.0, it’s better and more configurable than ever! I’m a developer so I’m also incredibly excited about the plugin API. As a user, I’m also really looking forward to the simple calculator function. I use this all the time on OS X and it’s absolutely indispensable. Cortana can do it but it suuuucks - so slow, she reinterprets the expression as a web search too easily, and the answer isn’t copied to the clipboard (CRUCIAL step)… so…

Really looking forward to this function! (Or the ability to build it.)

Excellent work on Listary 5. Loving it.

Yes, there will definitely be a built-in calculator.


I would love to see this feature as well.

I just installed Listary 5.0 to potentially replace Launchy, but I don’t see calculator functionality. Am I missing something?

I too am desperate for this. Have installed Listary 5, but see no option to enable this. Perhaps the plugin didn’t make it into v5.0?

Could Channing please provide an update, even if it is just to confirm it is not present?

Unfortunately extension support is not available in 5.0 yet. I’m still working on it.


that is cool

The calculator feature was requested in 2013. It’s now 2016.
Is this feature coded in 3 years later?
If so, do I need to do something to turn it on?

Extension support is still under development.

Why would you need a calculator in a search program? Windows allready supports calculators in various modes. I don’t see this as a necessary function for a search engine.

There are probably more important things to be added to listary then a simple calculator.

You obviously haven’t used systems like Alphred, where this functionality is present. When you doing something and you want a quick calculation done, it’s a lot quicker to just double tap the left ctrl key and type in “5*20” and press enter to see the result. Alternative is to double tap ctrl, type the name of calc, enter, then type in your calculation and enter, then close the app. a lot more steps just to get a quick answer.

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FYI, Windows 10 start menu has built-in calculator support. All you need to do is press Win key (this is faster than any app), then type 5*20.

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that would be awesome, if it worked. maybe there is a way to turn it on? by default it doesnt work the way you explain it.