Better-listary : AHK exe that improves user experience with Listary

I have coded an Autohotkey script that helps improve the user experience with Listary.

Press the CTRL key once to show / hide Listary. Does not create a conflict with the combinations CTRL + (any key).

Press SHIFT + ENTER to run an application in administrator mode.

The source code is available on github:
The archive containing the executable can be found here:

Compiling and running this in Windows 10 x64 triggers the question to run Game Bar
There is no way to say no to this strange Windows feature.

Read this :

There is a conflit with Open Gamebar shortcut (WIN+G) on Windows 10.

Yes, I disabled that Game bar crap now.
But your AHK script still doesn’t work for me.
Compiled it with the newest AHK_L
Ctrl key just does nothing when pressed alone.
I have already a working tool which uses the Win-key alone.
I also dimisses the Listary search bar if the Win-key is pressed again.

I’m on Windows 8.1 there and It works for me. I should test on my Windows 10 laptop.

Why should Listary start at all if you send WIN+G key ?
It is no assigned in Listary hotkeys and can’t be assigned if I try.

Maybe Listary finds a shortcut not reserved. I’m currently under Windows 8.1 and Win+G shortcut is not used.
The solution would be to find a shortcut not used on any Windows OS.

The default hotkey of Listary is different on different versions of Windows. It’s Win+G on Windows 8.

I have to change it often because Microsoft changes the Windows hotkey scheme on every update…

I have modifies your script as follows:
Send #+g

Then I assigned Win-Shift-G in Listary and then it works in Windows 10
I did it just for fun because I’m staying with the simple Winkey solution
which is also found in this forum.

Channing, You could implement what I did in my script. It’s simple, it’s handy (only one key to type) and there is no risk of conflict since Listary is displayed / hides only if the Ctrl key is released alone.

I think single Ctrl may be easy to be triggered accidentally. For example, Office uses Ctrl as a hotkey in many places (e.g. after you paste something). I need to run some tests before adding it to Listary.

Yes you are right it is not easy to find a one key shortcut without causing conflict with Windows or another application. By the way, this can be added as an option you can enable / disable.

Agreed, it’s surprisingly difficult to find just one key that won’t conflict in some way. Have you considered Caps Lock, if you don’t use it much? I’ve mapped my right Alt (Alt Gr) to Listary with AHK, and it works reasonably well, but I’ve had to adjust to not having that key in one or two programs. IMO it’s worth it for the convenience everywhere else and (IMO) I find its placement just right.

As an alternative, you could use right Ctrl + right Shift (or any other pair of adjacent keys if you use that combo). Hitting them together overcomes the difficulty finding just one key, but you can do it essentially with one press.

I remove this repo.
I have a new repo, read this : My listary AHK plugins