A single-press alternative to double Ctrl

Hi, Listary community and developer(s),

First of all, Listary is amazing - thank you, Channing, for creating, maintaining and improving it!

I find the double Ctrl shortcut to be a little awkward, so I looked into an alternative. I think I’ve devised an elegant, lightweight solution. A simple AutoHotKey (AHK) script running at startup maps a single keypress to the double Ctrl necessary to trigger Listary.
I never use the ‘Alt Gr’ key, and it is distinct from the left ‘Alt’ key on my keyboard, so I’ve used that. It’s also very conveniently located for maximum effectiveness. This method works to show or hide the Listary search box. Double Ctrl still works (if the checkbox is checked, of course).
You could use any other key or key combo to tailor your perfect alternative shortcut.
The AHK script triggered by Alt Gr (Ralt) is:

Send {Ctrl}
Sleep, 100
Send {Ctrl}

I’m relatively new to AHK, so there’s probably a better way to do this - please share your approach or improvements! I couldn’t get the double Ctrl to work without the delay, for example.

I originally used an obscure (to me) alternative Listary hotkey combo of ‘Alt + Backspace’*, and then triggered this with a single press of Ralt via AHK (Ralt::Send !{BS}) which is a valid approach, especially if you prefer not to use the double Ctrl hotkey). Note that in this case, pressing again fails to hide the Listary search box, which is why I prefer triggering the double Ctrl directly, instead of a Listary hotkey.

P.S - I just bought Listary, I’ve used DirectFolders for the last few years and loved it, but it stagnated. I’m excited to see that Listary is evolving and I’m keen to see where it goes.

There is a much better way which just uses the WIN key.
See http://discussion.listary.com/t/start-listary-with-win-key-only-solved/3241/12

Thank you for sharing!