Arranging search results by Drive

Hi, I was wondering if the following is possible or if it can be added.

I have an external drive attached to my computer which I use for backups and more. Listary is set up to index and search all drives (as this is my preference).

Often, the same file exists on both my computer and the external drive.
I would like Listary to show the files on my computer (D drive) before the files on the external drive. I.e., results should be shown first for local and then for external. E.g. D:\A.txt, J:\A.txt, D:\B.txt, J:\B.txt, D:\C.txt, J:\C.txt. (For some reason, currently the external is always first, even though it is drive J which is after drive D…)
[Or at least being able to sort it by drive letter (i.e., first all found files in D, then all files found in J) and have that stick]

This way it would be much quicker and easier to get to the appropriate file.


Simply upgrade to Listary 6 beta and set your external drive to low priority in Options - Features - File Search - Priorities.

Wow, sounds perfect - Thanks.
Is anything missing in the Beta version or is it complete and just in testing?

All major features are available in the beta. There are some very minor features still missing.