A few feature requests

I have a few requests that I feel like would be a good addition to Listary.

  1. Priority search drives and/or folders: Allow us to specify which drive/folder gets precedence in the search results if you search for a term that exists in multiple locations. (ie: my specific scenario is that I replaced my User drive with an SSD but I’m keeping the old drive attached as a back up of my folders on my desktop. Searching for something sometimes leads to the old drive instead of the new one)

  2. Allow for project folders that are excluded in the index: Essentially I have excluded my dropbox folder from my index because generally I don’t want the files in it to show up on my search. But on Occasion, I want to search inside dropbox specifically. But adding it as a project doesn’t work if it’s excluded. (No results show up from the dropbox folder)

  3. Add an “exclusive folder search” option: So that if I open a folder and start typing for something, if it’s not located in that folder I want the results to say something like “Not found in this folder”. Currently if the term is not found in the folder, I get results from other locations on my PC.

  4. Add a program exclusion list: For some reason, every time I search for “regedit”, the solidworks edrawings 20xx edition.exe comes up as the first result. Despite me selecting regedit.exe several times. It would be great to have a list to add file exclusions to.

  5. Allow for multiple folder searches: ie: folder\subfolder\subsubfolder\etc… Currently we’re limited to folder\subfolder but sometimes it’s too restrictive. For example if I search for adobe\photoshop there is “program files\adobe\photoshop” and “roaming\adobe\photoshop”. Both located on the C drive so it would be nice to just type either the former or latter for which one I want.


  1. Already added.
  2. In the new version, you’ll be able to set your Dropbox folder priority to low instead of removing it from the index. Files within your Dropbox folder will always show at the bottom of the result list, but they’re still searchable.
  3. We’re improved the UI. a) Results from the current folder are always shown first. b) It’s very easy to distinguish between results from the current folder and other sources.
  4. Also fixed & refined in the new version. You won’t see irrelevant results.
  5. Check https://www.listary.com/docs/advanced-search-syntax

I’ve released a preview of the new version: Listary 6 new launcher mode preview
Note that it’s incomplete and only contains some of the new features.

It’s great to see all of my suggestions are implemented!

I haven’t tried the Listary 6 preview yet, but I look forward to it! Also I’ve found a “bug” which I’m not sure if it’s intended or not. But it can be a pretty big issue if it’s not intended. So can I message you with regards to it?