Organize results by date?


Is it possible to have the search results organized by date?


I just read that this is not possible. Darn, this is a deal breaker for me. :frowning:


Not supported at this moment, but I’m considering adding a similar feature after finishing Listary 6.


These are some excellent news!!! Any clue when to expect Listary 6?
Thanks again for all your hard work!


No exact ETA yet, but I’m planing to release the first beta later this year.


Thanks for all your work, the application is really useful addition to windows interface. What features are you planning to add in next version? It would be really cool to have some features from mac software Quicksilver or Alfred Also the interesting feature would be to have access to application menu(don’t know if it possible in windows, it was possible on mac in quicksilver)


I’ll publish the roadmap once I get it mostly organized.

By “application menu”, do you mean the menu shown when you right click a docker icon? It’s possible to access the jump list on Windows instead.