Windows 10 Issues

Hi there!
I just started using Listary in Windows 10 and I’m experiencing some problems.
Using Windows File/Explorer dialogs generally doesn’t seem to work (basically switching to folders using Listary). This also affects using quickswitch, a feature I’m using all the time in Windows 7.
Is support for Windows 10 still in progress? I’m using the latest Listary Pro Beta 5.00.2134.

Henning Krol

Both Listary 4 and 5 fully support Windows 10.

Can you see the Listary toolbar? If not, uninstall, reboot, and then reinstall Listary.

I can see it and I can search things. Listary attaches itself to most File Dialogs (except e.g. to the one from 3ds max).
But I’ll try your tip anyway.

You don’t need to do it if you can see the toolbar.

So what features don’t work then? Does Listary work in Explorer?

Doubleclick brings it up but it doesn’t interact.

Double click usually brings up your favourites and if you set it to also show/launch application you can see your application as well.

Do you mean the menu pops up but you can’t click it (nothing happens and the menu won’t disappear after clicking)?

I can click the popup and it disappears, but it doesn’t change the current folder.

Can you open a search result folder in Explorer?

I had exactly same issue when i upgraded from 4 to 5 and it was fixed by completely remove the app, rebooting then reinstalling. You could try that :smile:

Thank you! I should have come up with that idea myself. Listary is working again as expected!

For me if successful of bringing up the Listary menu (only keyboard shortcut works, as reported by my in the main thread) in any Explorer window (incl. Open/Save), instead of switching to the chosen folder, a new Explorer window is opened with this folder.

Note - I’ve upgraded from 4 to 5 beta without uninstalling, which may be causing this.

You can try to uninstall, reboot, and then install Listary 5 again.